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    Just a note about the VARA (Vintage Auto Race Association) event I attended this past weekend. They allowed me to run in the "Cup Race" group, which is an open class for cars that are either not vintage, or do not fit into other classes. It is a great group of people, with both very experienced drivers and novices. The event was run very safely, with drivers displaying gentlemanly (a few women, so I guess I should say lady-like as well!) behavior on track. They are about the friendliest group I have been out with.

    I'll have to miss their next event, but hope to run with them as often as I can. I am sure that they would welcome other sevens, athough they require fuel cells and fire systems for all cars. I think they would also prefer a cage, but some of the older cars just had roll hoops. They will allow some reciprocal licensing, but have their own licensing pathway. After drivers attend their racing school, they are in a novice classification for 9 races. Despite my POC license, I will be running as a novice for a while. Not that it matters, really, since it doesn't limit your involvement.

    The only down side of their events is that they don't get as much track time as many organizations. They have one practice and one race each day, so you are only on track four times for the weekend. But the social aspect of the group makes for a very pleasant weekend. And they do have an evening Enduro on most weekends, for additional driving time.


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    They are great to run with. I ran a few events with them after I restored an elderly FV. In fact, several in the group were quite helpful with the restoration project as well. POC is also great to run with. I drove and instructed with them for a few years after we moved to California.
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