Some of you may have already noticed that I am a gadget junkie. My addiction led me to a web site of a new Startup that does GPS/web based performance tracking. I think they have a very cool idea going, although originally intended for runners, bicyclists, paddlers etc. Still running as public Beta test but sometimes they want to make money, of course.

I talked with the principals and they will set up a new category "Track Racing" on their site. For now it is just experimental and I will use some GPS log data to be recorded at Infineon to try it out. That should at least allow to view driving on the map, see speed graphs, lap timing and (if somebody else does the same) do some "dot racing". This is a simulated race with your real data against somebody else who did the same track at a different time.

In the future it may offer advanced analysis like acceleration and cornering forces, automated lap recognition etc. Would be nice to compare with some of the professionals and see what they do differently on the track.

Well, check it out if you also like such stuff!