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  • Yes, another tour

    I know that the local Sevens contingent is not so much into touring. But, just in case somebody would be interested...
    We are going to Montana and Idaho again this Summer (late June/early July). Towing to Idaho Falls, then tour to Billings, Bozeman, Great Falls, Whitefish, into Canada, Coer D'Alene, Missoula, Helena and back to Idaho Falls. En route Yellowstone, Beartooth Hwy, Lewis and Clarke NF, Glacier NP, Selkirk Loop, Nez Perce NF etc. Total some 16 days and 4300 miles, lots of scenery and nice roads. Hotels not yet decided.

    Please let me know if somebody is interested in joining. So far probably 3 cars going.

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    You are going to brave the bears, wolfs, and bison in the SEVEN?

    Didn't a bear win a battle with someone's Seven last year?


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      Originally posted by Doug Liedblad View Post
      ......Didn't a bear win a battle with someone's Seven last year?
      Not really. The bear was launched across the road, knocked out for 10 minutes and then limped off into the woods. Unknown if the bear survived.
      The Caterham was knocked out for a day and finished the tour with a new radiator and a roll of duct tape. Driver and passenger only a bit rattled but not hurt.
      I suppose it was a draw. The cracked nose cone gel coat kept some of the bear's fur as a trophy.


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        I will express some interest at this point. Don't know what my time-off situation will be at present.


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          Hi John,
          I started a thread on the USA7s forum. Some more details about dates and places but no hotel list yet.


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            I am probably going on this.