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NASA Infineon October Sound Limit and Shirt Order Deadline

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  • NASA Infineon October Sound Limit and Shirt Order Deadline

    Responding to a question posted here, NASA CEO Jerry Kunzman says that the sound limit that will be enforced at the October Super Seven Festival will be 103 dBA measured at turn 12. For those who have never been to Infineon, turn 12 is just before the start/finish line and most cars normally use a lot of throttle at that point.

    GoGoGear has extended the deadline for ordering event-logo polo-style shirts until Monday 10/4, for pick up at the Festival for $30 each. You can order after that but the price will be $40 to pay for packing and shipping. Here are the details again.

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    Richmond, CA 94820

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    Oh dear.....that might be close. But much better than the 92 dBA of Laguna Seca 8)

    Rich, do you know how far away these measurements are taken? And if the same regulation was in place last year? (I had no problem then)

    Maybe I should take some tin cans along to throttle the exhaust exit if needed....



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      Gert, last year NASA monitored sound levels and warned at least some who were over 103 dBA. Jerry says, however, that the limit will be enforced this year. He also told me that two or three sevens were over the limit last year. I'm not sure who they were, but they may have gotten feedback from NASA at the time. I'll see if I can find out anything about mic placement for this year.


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        NASA says that the sound measurement microphone at Infineon will be on the driver's right, 50 feet from the racing line in turn 12.


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          Thanks Rich! Good news for me (and bad news for the Duratec folks) :P

          I think in 50 feet distance I should be safe.



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            ahh, it might not be too bad. The induction makes almost as much noise as the exhaust. :wink:

            Tom "ELV15" Jones


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              With the Raceco silencer in place, my Duratec's intake is definitely the side of the engine that will get me kicked of tracks.

              Westfield SEiW
              2.0L Duratec
              Throttle Steer