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    I finally got a chance to fix my fuel leak. It turned out to be just a perished hose between the pump and the filter. Car is back in the road!
    To celebrate i did an impromptu drive up to Santa Barbara. I was having such a good time I carried on going and ended up in Morro Bay. Drove back the next day. About 470 miles.LA-Morro Bay.png
    Birkin Morro Bay sml.jpeg
    Paul. Birkin S3 /Dunnel zetec/emerald ECU


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      Originally posted by V-Robb View Post
      I got a couple of them, in fact. Just didn't hook it up last time, will this time!

      I used 10A to bring the dead one back alive overnight. In the morning it appeared to have a good charge, but apparently there were other issues due to the extended discharged state.
      Check the voltage output from your car alternator.

      These batteries also don't do well with too much voltage. It should be under 15 volts or even a bit less.