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Laguna Seca Track Day, Tue, Nov. 30

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  • Laguna Seca Track Day, Tue, Nov. 30

    Got this one from Evan Ginsberg.

    [email protected]

    NASA Proracing is hosting a Midweek, Max Track Time Event, on Tue Nov 30, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

    Early bird pricing is $279, (plus $35 NASA annual membership fee)
    We are limiting this event to 3 run groups, no Group1 Novice/instructor groups like our weekend events, Just G2, G3 and G4.

    We plan to send each group out for 7, 20 minute sessions, which makes this the lowest priced day at Laguna Seca, with the most track time of any
    event you've ever had.

    Laguna Seca has 45 days of construction planned for 2005 which is going to seriously limit club days for all organizations.

    Smoke em while you got em.

    I take great pride in the number of people who come to
    me after every Max Track Time Event to tell me, "This
    was the best track day they ever had"

    I hope you will be next.

    This event is filling fast.

    Register at:


    Evan Ginsberg
    NASA Norcal
    Event Director