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Get together to have a look at Vstryker's Caterham.

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  • Get together to have a look at Vstryker's Caterham.

    As we all know, vstryker got his Seven.

    He will swing by me in Torrance on Sunday Nov 16 around 10am for a general inspection. If anybody else wants to join, you are more than welcome.

    Please reply to this thread if you plan to come.

    /Magnus F.

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    I will try. Depends on other factors yet TBD.


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      Cool, I'd like to get some opinions & fixes as far as the quirks go on this car and very much looking forward to meeting a few members :)


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        I'm coming over with Doug-


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          Pictures or it didn't happen... :-)


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            A big thank you to Magnus, Doug and Hayden for taking their time to inspect my car. They were so knowledgeable and did what I thought was a very thorough checkup... they even torqued pretty much all the suspension bolts they could get their hands on, and got a quick base alignment.

            I did speak with John West today and scheduled an appointment to see him soon. I sent him a pic and he said it will be a simple fix. Once I get that sorted, I look forward to playing around with the geometry and corner weighting it. Thanks again guys!


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              The car seems to be in good shape. Fix the crack, do some basic suspension setup, and take it to the track to fine-tune the shocks and ARB settings. John West can also help you extend your roll bar into cage, just like he did with mine.

              /Magnus F.