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New 7 Car clinic

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  • New 7 Car clinic

    New 7 is bringing his car up to my house on Saturday, about 10 AM. Done by 1 or 2, maybe, you know how these go. See the questions section for more info.

    Several others may come by.

    Gert, Slowmove
    Chris, Moosetestperson
    Magnus, Fearless leader

    Others welcome.

    Hayden the New 7 guy with his IRS Birkin. We will do a nut and bolt inspection, ECU map check and save, probably no programming and test drive it. A BBQ. Lunch will be served.

    FREE BEER. Magnus you get to drink the free beer, don't bring any.

    Text,email, or PM for my address 8O5-four zero two-1225
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    I think you had an Innovate wideband lambda sensor.If that is so, can you bring it please?

    /Magnus F.


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      New 7,

      Please bring your laptop with software, cables, and (if you have it) software manuals.

      /Magnus F.


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        yes I have that Innovate wideband gadget. Unfortunately it is a dash mount system and permanently installed.

        I could bring a spare sensor and hook it up with the instrument but that is probably of limited use in idle next to my car. I really don't want to do a mapping session going down the freeway next to new7 with an umbilical cord.....


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          He may have something in the car already. I will check.


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            Will do - no manual will look online


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              Hayden (NEW 7) says he has a wired in lambda sensor, not sure if it's a wideband.

              I wasn't expecting to get that deep in to the programming this time. We'll convince him to come to a dynoday.


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                I'm not going to be able to get out that way today: work has interceded. Apologies.

                Have fun and take pictures.
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