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Thunderhill Big-Big Track August 30/31

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  • Thunderhill Big-Big Track August 30/31

    NASA is running the new five mile track August 30/31st. I plan to go. Any takers? Sign up here:

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    I do want to drive the new track but..

    $179 x 2 for 4 sessions per day? Or $358 plus I am not currently a member of NASA.

    I am too cheap plus the drive is a killer on my own.

    Another time.


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      Come to the GGLC track day on the 11th:

      $175 for 6 25 min sessions and you should see other Sevens there as well
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        I'd love to. But... the venerable Crusty is no longer tow-worthy, which explains my absence from all events this year. Until that little problem is sorted I'm out. Which is really annoying in light of all the effort making the Caterham what it now is, which is quite a lot.

        However the good news here is that the new big loop ain't going to go away. So, Dubble M, I'll come your way next year, on a prearranged weekend when we can run TT on that big track. I've been pining to get back to Thunderhill - I really like it.
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