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NorCal: Canepa Cars & Coffee - September 13, 2014

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  • NorCal: Canepa Cars & Coffee - September 13, 2014

    Canepa Cars & Coffee

    "Looking for an excuse to hit the road? Starting April 12th, Canepa will open its doors (and parking lot) for a coffee-fueled celebration of all things automotive. Roll out your pride and joy and join your fellow lead foots for an amazing morning of classics, exotics, race cars, hot rods, and motorcycles. Canepa Cars & Coffee will take place from 8am-12pm on the second Saturday of the month through October. The perfect event for clubs, aficionados, and car crazies of all ages!"
    In the NorCal picnic thread this event at Canepa was mentioned. I called over there today and asked about a group of cars showing up. They mentioned that if we arrived between 7:30 and 7:45 there should be plenty of parking and we would likely be able to park together without issues. They looked forward to seeing us. (I made no promises).

    So, who's interested?

    Here's a mini-review from a friend that went last Saturday:

    The front and side parking lots were full of privately owned exotic or historic cars, a few for sale. There was a little front parking available. Canepa's opened the rear lot behind the fence, so there was plenty of parking for "regular" cars. Free coffee and donuts were available. The entire place was open to the car owners and the public, including the workshop. It was not overcrowded, just pleasantly well attended. There were many happy gearheads, mostly men. I think the Caterham/Lotus Group would be very welcome. If you talked to the secretary there during the week, maybe they could mark off an area so you could all park together. It was fun and informal... I enjoyed the cars in the parking lot, and those inside in the showroom/museum. Everyone was allowed to walk through the shop areas... I wanted to grab a wrench and adjust something. It was nice, as always, and FREE.
    Directions from the Canepa website

    Google Maps

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    I'm in. Unsure if I can make it before 7:45 a.m., but I'll try.
    | | Sean


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      Put me down as a "maybe"


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        I'm about 95% sure I'll be there, but now face a slim but distinct possibility of being vetoed. So it goes.
        | | Sean


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          Originally posted by Sean View Post
          I'm about 95% sure I'll be there, but now face a slim but distinct possibility of being vetoed. So it goes.
          Sneak out before she wakes up.


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            Originally posted by Doug Liedblad View Post
            Sneak out before she wakes up.
            The veto, should it happen, would be coming not from my wife, but from my driving coach - our 8-year old son. He was initially excited about going, but now has proclaimed that it will be "bo-ring!". Kids!
            | | Sean


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              Hmmm.... perhaps your son would have more fun at 'Cars in the Park' on Sunday at Kelley Park in San Jose:


              There will be a lot of cars, fire engines, the gas engine people with the hit-n-miss toys, trolleys to ride, food, etc. If you haven't been it's a fun event.

              I had forgotten that it was this weekend as well. Plus a friend is asking if I can help him move Sat. Decisions, decisions...

              Last edited by johnh; September 11, 2014, 03:48 PM.


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                I'm 95% as well.

                I may have to stop by the antique auto's later in the day...

                There's also a british car show in morgan hill on sunday that I may swing down for too...

                Meanwhile...I wish that I was here: , but I'm enjoying the live broadcast!


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                  I uesd to go to the British Car Show when it was in San Juan Bautista. It was a fun event with drives, prizes, etc. Trying to get motivated this morning...


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                    Well, I got motivated and got my butt and the car down to Scotts Valley. Nice friendly event, there will be a final one for this year next month on October 11.

                    Geoff joined me in his Lotus 7 and the two of us held down the Se7en presence...

                    There was coffee and doughnuts as advertised...

                    A neat electric bike (if you can swallow $5K)

                    A right hand drive 'z' car

                    and a bunch of other stuff.

                    In the building there were probably 40 collector cars for sale, a motorsports museum on the upper level, and then the shop area where approx 55 cars were being worked on for Canepa and various customers. We had free reign to roam anywhere, there were a few employees working on cars and a few employees giving tours.

                    The Cobra replica and Porsche crowd were well represented.

                    More photos here:

                    Canepa - Cars and Coffee 2014 09 13