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SuperCarSunday June 1st

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  • SuperCarSunday June 1st

    Any interest? Short drive to follow and maybe breakfast at the Rock Store?

    No marque this weekend, it was to be Ferrari but that has been postponed.

    Gert, come do a shakedown test of you rebuild head.

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    I will probably be there (assuming I can move myself out of bed in time). Short drive after that is good but we will probably keep going at the Rock Store.

    We did a 140 mile shakedown to Wrightwood and back last Sunday. So far pretty good. Only niggle is the engine runs pretty rich at altitude. I am wondering if I did not configure the baro sensor correctly after the system upgrade by Emerald last Fall (I used to have an external sensor and now it is built-in). Maybe I should drive up to Mt. Baldy tomorrow with a laptop to find out. More fun than taking the ECU apart to hook up a calibration hose.