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Nor-Cal Sevens picnic -- 2014

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  • Nor-Cal Sevens picnic -- 2014

    Third Annual Nor-Cal Sevens picnic
    Date: 2014 August 09, a Saturday
    Time: 9:00 a.m. to whenever
    Location: Vasona Park in Los Gatos, California
    ($6.00 park admission fee for each car)
    Peppertree picnic area has been reserved
    Motto: Rain-free picnicking more than 49% of the time!

    Stuff I will bring: Charcoal, cooking and eating utensils, napkins, salt & pepper, condiments, ice, water, soda, etc. for all to use. Also, to make it easier on everybody, this year I will bring a variety of bratwurst and hot links and other varieties of sausages and buns for all. Anybody is welcome to have some of these, or you can bring something else if you prefer. It just seems easier to cook a shitload of brats and the like all at once rather than to have everybody taking turns to make their own individual chicken, burgers, eggplant soufflأ©, or whatever. This way everybody can eat together at the same time.

    Stuff you might want to bring: Chips or cookies some or side dish if you like. Eye protection is a good idea for the drive. And maybe an umbrella for all the glorious SUNSHINE we will surely have - not for any damn rain! The Peppertree picnic area is well covered by shade trees.

    Plan: Meet at 9:00 a.m., drive starting around 9:45 or so, and return somewhere around noon-ish or whenever for BBQ & BS.

    Confirmed attendees:
    • me
    • jhamlinx2 & Jeff Hamlin
    • rnr
    • GWise
    • DaveL
    • Larry Codde
    • FerneyO
    • racemachine_sweden
    • Russ
    • MarkP
    • Doug Liedblad
    • Caracturus
    • Jim (rnr friend)
    • Michael Murphy
    • johnh
    • mopho

    Tentative attendees:
    • heisssenberrg

    Proposed blat route (same as last year's, which never went off due to rain), although the 236 goat trail could also be included from 9 to Boulder Creek, if desired:

    Link to the proposed route shown above in Google Maps:
    Fuel is available at points G, C, and E visible on the map, as well as in Saratoga. The loop is less than 80 miles around, so probably less than one full tank required for most any Seven.
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    | | Sean

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    I am interested, but will have to get an okay from SWMBO. She may not want to do an outing then as she will be about 7 months pregnant. If I come, I may bring my Mini enthusiast friend again. I would love to get a ride in a se7en, if anybody has a spare seat. I hope for nicer weather this time, although with the lack of rainfall, we may have to hold several of these a month to see if it works to summon the rain gods.


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      Jeff and I have it marked on our calendar. Looking forward to it.

      Lucy Cate
      170 Roadsport SV


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        I will be there
        V8 Stalker
        06 Elise
        02 Dodge Viper GTS
        16 Dodge Charger Hellcat


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          I will also attend. Thanks for putting this together Sean.


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            After a long rest the car is running again. Need to 'freshen' things a bit but would like to attend if everything works out.


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              I am ready for the rain, I will be there , Dave L


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                Dot & I are planning on being there. I just need to wax my skis for the return journey.


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                  My neighbour Russ and I plan to join in with our two Caterham S3's.


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                    Thanks for organizing, Sarah and I plan to be there. I think that puts us in double digits for Caterhams present!

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                      The wife I will try to be there but probably not with my Caterham. I have no rain gear for it.



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                        Originally posted by Doug Liedblad View Post
                        The wife I will try to be there but probably not with my Caterham. I have no rain gear for it.
                        It is unlikely to rain on August 9th, but just in case, I'll ask the park rangers if they can turn on the sprinklers when any 7s drive in or out.
                        | | Sean


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                          I am Andreas's (racemachine_sweden) neighbor Russ. I bought the purple/yellow Seven some might have known as the "Purple Porsche Eater" seven months ago, and have been bringing it up to date including an ECU swap for an MS3.

                          I'll probably join the caravan as you pass my house in La Honda, as it allows me to sleep in.


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                            There's also the Canepa Cars and Coffee a bit further up 17. Obviously this would mean adjusting our schedule or route, but they do have some pretty neat stuff there.


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                              I look forward to my first California Caterham Club drive with everyone. Andreas Naeslund has told me about it. See you all soon.


                              Adam Boyden
                              Caterham CSR 260