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Advance notice -- 3rd annual Nor-Cal Sevens picnic

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  • Advance notice -- 3rd annual Nor-Cal Sevens picnic

    Tentatively scheduled for 2014 August 09 (a Saturday). That's a busy time of year at most any picnic grounds, so I will reserve one of the reservable picnic spots this time instead of using the first-come, first-served areas. Just wanted to give everybody who might be interested ample time to plan for it, as I'll need to reserve around mid-February to get one of the coveted reservable picnic areas during summer. Don't want anybody driving through a blizzard on my account... again!

    Which reminds me... a co-worker of mine, Dan (who was at the 2013 picnic) mentioned that he spotted a BRG 7 blatting the opposite direction on Donner Summit Bridge on Christmas day. That had to be Dave and Dot... right?

    NOTE: The intent of this thread is just to provide advance notice, and solicit input for suggested changes. I intend to start another thread with confirmed details later.
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    Are you trying to get it to rain in August?

    In 2013 we caused the first rain of the year and the only rain that month.
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      yes that was me. I had to try out my present - ww2 goggles & pilot hat - kept my ears warm!



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        Oh crap! The 16th is car week in Monterey! Better change it to the 9th.
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          I'm in. Let me know if I can be any help Sean. I'm still grinning after our new year's day blat, by the way!

          I believe we set the 2013 date due to my travel schedule - which makes me responsible for the rain. :)

          If anyone wants to join, I do plan to attend the historics in the 7 as well, assuming I get it back together by then.
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            I'm in for the picnic. Will likely be attending the Historics as well but not in the Seven. Do you plan on racing or attending?
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              Attending for me. Assuming my car would ever be accepted, I'd love to race at the historics eventually.


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                I'll be there. Thanks Sean!
                Tom "ELV15" Jones


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                  I am in for that date, that will give me time find some "rain tires" for my 7


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                    Peppertree picnic site in Vasona Park has been reserved for 2014 August 09. It's on.

                    New thread started.
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