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Corner Weight Weekend - Call for participants.

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  • Corner Weight Weekend - Call for participants.

    With my car definitely needing a corner weight setup, I thought we could make an event out of it and do a bunch of cars during a single day.

    Corner weighting, for the ignorant masses out there, means adjusting the spring platforms of the car until you have an even weight on each wheel, or as even as you can get. My car, for example, locks up right front constantly, indicating that right front and left rear are seeing a much lower weight on them than left front and rear left. A good analogy would be a four-legged chair that you adjust the legs on to get rid of wobble.

    While doing adjustments, we will setup rake, which is the difference between front and rear ride height, where the rear should be 13mm or so higher than the front.

    If we have time, we can also adjust camber and toe-in. I have the necessary tools can get the nylocs that have to be replaced.

    The end result is a more predictable and better handling car.

    Corner weighting can only be done on a car with adjustable spring platforms such as this:

    We have access to a flat table through Motivo Engineering's shop, located at the intersection of the 405 and the 110. Doug is currently sitting on the club scales.

    Please reply to this thread if you are interested, and indicate which of the weekends below will work best for you:

    Weekend Dec 6-7
    Weekend Dec 13-14
    Weekend Dec 20-21

    I need to make sure that the flat table is available during the dates above, but I think it should be ok.

    We could also, if we are in a festive mood, bring a bbq, beer and make a social event of it.

    What do you think?

    /Magnus F.

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    I would be interested but I have not touched my Seven since I installed the upgraded ECU in September due to some home remodeling (I bit off a bigger piece than anticipated).
    Accordingly my car still does not run, if it did not fix itself in the meantime.

    But the most likely opportunity for me to get this done would be 12/13 or 12/14. I am booked the following weekend.


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      Any of those dates will work for me and can bring BBQ.

      Grassroots Motorsport corner weight link: Here

      Longacre Scaling made simple: Here

      Because the driver is offset you generally cannot get the corner weights exactly the same on all four wheels but you can usually improve things.

      Having the battery and any other moveable weight installed opposite the driver will help in the corner weighing. If you are planning on relocating the battery or other bits best to try and do that before the corner weighing.

      I can also bring tools to check tow, caster, camber. These should be set before the corner weighing. Also disconnect any sway bars.

      The corner weighing needs to be done with the driver in the car. If you track the car bring your helmet and driving suit.

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        I can do the mornings on either of the two remaining Saturdays. Dec 14 and dec 21. My car isn't street legal yet (been saying that for two years, time to get off my arse and finish the SB100, just need headlights and parking brake) but I can either get a 1-day permit or trailer it over. Either way I would enjoy the gathering.

        2001 CMC Locost Frame/2003 Yamaha R1 w/6spd sequential