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Caterham at the Seattle Auto Show

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  • Caterham at the Seattle Auto Show

    Caterham is a featured “Supercarâ€‌ at this year’s Seattle Auto Show Beachman Racing, (now a Caterham dealer), will be providing the three car display. Should be a nice change from the new Toyotas, Fords, Mercedes, etc. usually there.
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    The Auto Show section of today's Seattle Times had a nice Caterham photo: Good to see our marque get some mention.

    Anyone here planning to be at the show? If so, please stop by the display (northeast side of the main floor) and say hi.
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      Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Seattle Auto Show and said hi. Judging by the visitors at the Caterham/Beachman Racing booth (the Northwest Caterham dealer [email protected]), our five days there were a great success. A surprising number of people who knew about the cars and now many more potential converts.

      As you can see from the photos, our cars fit in just fine next to the BMWs and Nissans.

      Auto Show 2.jpgAuto Show 3.jpg
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        As I happened to be in Seattle, I went along. Very good to stop & chat with Bruce and the other car owners.
        A couple of things I saw:
        1. Nose with cooling air exhaust on the top, diverting air out of the engine bay after the radiator.
        2. Cup holder (see pic> _PA192474_rpx.jpg
        3. Wing mirror mounting kit (see pic> _PA192471_rpx.jpg


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          Thanks for stopping by the display, it was fun to talk with you there. Regrading your photos:
          1) The air vent in the nose section is standard on CSRs. Better cooling and downforce;

          2) The cup holder is aftermarket and makes for a happy wife (can't put a value on that);

          3) The mirrors are a custom design by Beachman Racing [email protected], the Northwest Caterham dealer. They are great for track use or any other time your doors are off. With no vibration, you can actually see what is behind and to the side of you.
          Still in the massive grin stage. Damn bugs