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Nor-Cal Sevens picnic -- 2013 edition

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  • Nor-Cal Sevens picnic -- 2013 edition

    Date: Saturday, September 21
    Time: 10:00 a.m. to whenever
    Location: Vasona Park in Los Gatos, California
    ($6.00 admission fee for a car)

    Confirmed attendees:
    • me and Brian (my 7-year old)
    • GWise
    • Rod
    • rnr
    • DaveL
    • rzempel
    • Elv15
    • Jeff Hamlin
    • FerneyO and Dot
    • Peter
    • heisssenberrg

    Tentative attendees:
    • edaddy
    • Doug Liedblad

    Stuff I will bring: charcoal, a cooler w/ice, cooking and eating utensils, napkins, salt & pepper, condiments, water, soda, etc. for all to use.
    Stuff you will need to bring: anything you want to cook or eat; there is a Safeway market nearby (on N. Santa Cruz Ave., at Andrews St.). Eye protection is a must for the drive, and a jacket is a good idea, just in case.

    Plan: Meet at 10:00-10:30, drive starting around 10:45, and return by 12:30 to 1:00-ish for BBQ (all times after 10:00 are wild estimates, at best).

    Last year, our first (annual?) 7-ers picnic didn't get planned until the last week of September, and was held on October 20th - a risky move, weather-wise. So this year, I propose we have another one around mid-September. I'm supposing it'll be on a Saturday again, unless somebody finds Sundays better - I'm flexible. Other locations also possible, or whatever. Interest? Comments?

    edit 1: added September 28 as the date, Vasona Park as the location, and five tentative attendees
    edit 2: changed date to September 21
    edit 3: updated attendees lists as of August 11
    edit 4: added "Stuff" and "Plan" lines
    edit 5: updated attendees lists as of August 30
    edit 6: updated attendees lists as of September 04, added link to map on post #26, and changed start time in bold to 10:00 a.m.
    edit 7: updated attendees lists as of September 13
    edit 8: updated attendees lists as of September 17
    edit 9: updated attendees lists as of September 18, and added "Eye protection is a must for the drive, and a jacket is a good idea, just in case." to Stuff you will need to bring.
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    Hey Sean , Great idea, But lets get some driving involved ,we have better twisies and curves in the red woods and on the coast than in So Cal. Dave


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      Great Idea, let me know when so I can plan.
      Rod Swanson


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        Sign me up. Any Sat/Sun in Sept works apart from the 7th and the 22nd.

        BTW I just completed a 2000 mile roundtrip to Seattle and back for the West Coast Lotus Meet. Some initial pics are at and I'll be posting more video and pics in an upcoming blog post for the GGLC which I'll cross post here.
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          Probably will not have the motor done in time, so my 7 will not be in attendance. I'd love to join though if I'm available.


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            Great! I'll put up a proposed date sometime later in the week. I'd like to have some driving involved, but a 7 full of picnic gear makes that a bit of a challenge. I'll see what I can work out - lots of time to think about it.
            | | Sean


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              Last year was fun and I look forward to the Seven Summer Picnic becoming an annual event. North Bay would be better for me. A rout to Tilden Park like the following might make an entertaining drive for the folks coming from the South Bay
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                Have you picked a date yet?


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                  Date arbitrarily set for Saturday the 28th (last Sat. in Sept.). I am hesitant to try to plan a picnic at a location that I am unfamiliar with (such as Berkeley), so I am leaning towards a return to Vasona Park. Also, Vasona is safe, clean, has ample parking, is close to both backroads and freeways, and the picnic areas don't fill up too badly. The down-side is they want six bucks to bring a car in, but that is surely a big part of why it is not overrun on a typical weekend. So I am setting the location as Vasona again, unless popular opinion dictates otherwise.

                  Hey edaddy - I've done exactly that drive, but stopped at a friend's place in San Remote before returning to San Ho rather than going on to Berserkeley (where I don't know any residents any more). A great drive!
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                  | | Sean


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                    Sean, you are a very reasonable man.

                    A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                      Unfortunately, I cannot make the 28th.

                      If it's Vasona and a different date, I may be able to join with my 7 (although I won't be able to attend any accompanying drive)


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                        Should we go to October 5th?
                        | | Sean


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                          I'm afraid I won't be able to make the 5th either. I'll be at the korean gp. Probably best not to wait for me as I won't be available until the 12th.


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                            Sept. 21st? Other than rnr, nobody else has commented on availability at all so far, so what the hell.
                            | | Sean


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                              I'm waiting for you to pick a date so I can plan on being there.

                              Note that planning on being there is not the same as making it.