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Sunday Blat - August 22nd

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  • Sunday Blat - August 22nd

    A few of us are planning to meet for a drive on Sunday morning. Rendezvous in the hills behind Malibu at The Usual Place (intersection of Stunt road and Schueren road, I think...) at 7 am, thence northwards in search of roads most twisty. Probably to Ojai and beyond. If anyone would like to join, post here so we will know to expect you.

    If you want an accurate meeting location, that's beyond me right now. However I will find out if there is interest.

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    The A/C works best when the windscreen is removed and a stiff jolt of acceleration is added :!:


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      Brad, a fascinating reply, which I interpret to mean: "Yes, I will come, you can count on it, breakfast for all is on me."


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        Hmmmmm, maybe.
        where are you guys meeting? don't know the area.


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          Michael: I am very :oops: to report that my post was intended to answer Stan's comment about the A/C on his newly purchased Birkin. I'll have to do a better job of proff reading!

          Venom7: Rumor has it that you have been a Caterham track instructor in Canada. We'd really like to see you @ the Streets of Willow next month. Your resume certainly indicates tht you "belong" there. Are you considering a weekend of 7 style fun with us?? Hope so :!: 8)


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            Mr Venom (I think it's Rob???),

            It would be great to see you there on Sunday.

            To approach The Usual Place from the coast, take PCH to Malibu, go north on Las Flores (well posted) to Schueren Road (about five miles winding up the hill, turning right at a stop sign just before you get to Schueren road), go right at Schueren road, go about three miles (a guesstimate) until you reach a saddle and intersection with Stunt Road. A Very Nice Place to hang out in the early morning. It takes 5-10 minutes to get there from PCH, depending on how badly you want to frighten the locals.

            To approach from the North (eg the 101) get yourself to Mulholland highway somewhere south of Calabassas and then take Stunt road, heading south, to climb the hill and rendezvous at the aforesaid Very Nice Place.

            If these directions are too confusing, search for Schueren Road or Stunt Road Malibu in mapquest. It's right there.


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              Any phone numbers just in case?
              Mine is 805-570-8162.
              Should be there; giving myself an hour or so.


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                Great. If you are coming but running late call me on 3104970618. We probably won't hang around much past 7.15 unless we know you are coming. %


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                  Great. If you are coming but running late call me on 3104970618. We probably won't hang around much past 7.15 unless we know you are coming. %


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                    Have fun guys!

                    I picked up my Birkin in Vacaville yesterday and trailered back this morning. But it was a 410 mile grind after only a few hours jet-lag shortcut sleep and I think I am going to take it easy tomorrow morning.

                    Depending on the progress of his new car Stan "soareyes" expressed interest in a blat next weekend (preferably in reach of Victorville). Maybe we can set up something.


                    P.S.: Car feels pretty good with new tranny, clutch, flywheel and LSD! I am looking forward to the Streets of Willow event.