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Chrysler Classic Speed Festival, San Diego, Oct 9, 10.

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  • Chrysler Classic Speed Festival, San Diego, Oct 9, 10.

    Fellow members.

    The Chrysler Classic Speed Festival is a very nice vintage race event to attend to in SoCal. Last year saw a few bugattis, a 906, a prewar Alfa, an 356 Abarth Carrera, and a huge number of Lotuses. The pit area was open for everyone to stroll around and taste the oil. The event, overall, was extremely relaxed and laid back.

    Have a look at

    Now the good news:
    Brad has managed to secure 12 tickets for California Caterham Club members (which is registered members on this forum at this date).

    Post replies to this text if you are interested. First come first serve.

    /Magnus F.

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    Please put me down for at least one.

    Doug L.


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      Magnus, I have to amend your post a bit. I have 12 passes to the Meguiar Car Corral so that we can park our cars together in the car club display area. Those parking passes may not get us in "free". The passes will be distributed on a first come first served basis to owners who actually are bringing their 7s!!

      I am working on some free passes as they are often available. Failing that, I can probably finagle some discount admissions. Normal admission is $20 per day or $25 for the weekend. I'll post on this site when I can update on our ticket status.

      Last year the 7 guys met for breakfast before we drove in. I suggest that we do the same this year. I'll provide a location and directions prior to the event. Then it's easier for all of us to park together and we get to hang out with a bunch of 7 guys.

      This is an excellent vintage race. You'll see a few original multi million dollar Ferrari Testa Rosas, Ford GT 40, and likely some vintage Lotus 7s, 11s, and 23s. And you can examine the cars and talk to the drivers in the pits. The access will remind us older types of the "good old days". I enjoy vintage events just as much as a champ car or F1 race; it's another great automotive day!

      The event is run on saturday and sunday and the format is essentially the same on both days. I usually attend on saturday because it is less crowded. However, I will accede to the wishes of the masses on which day works best for all (most) to attend.

      Whom else is interested in attending?


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        You can put me down for one Meguire Car Corral pass and two entry passes (my brother and I) if you are able to get those too. My preference is Saturday, but either day would work for me. Yes, I'll have a 7 by then, actually by this weekend!


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          For God sakes, Stosh, tell us about your new ride, AND welcome to the owners club :!: :!: 8)


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            Well, I wasn't going to make an official announcement till I got the car home, but I bought a used Birkin from a gentleman in Canoga Park that Gert got me in touch with. I fit in the car and the price was right, and he threw in a lifetime subscription to "Gert's 24/7 Birkin Hotline", so how could I pass it up? :wink:
            If the weather cooperates, I'll drive it home Saturday. We had a hail storm and flash floods here in the desert last weekend, and fortunately I didn't attempt to drive it home then!
            (Brad, my nickname in college back in Ohio was Stosh, so that brought back memories!)


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              Stosh, Congratulations!! Great move!!! Is the seller some one on this site, or an unknown to us? (I'm always looking to sign up more 7s on the site)

              Tell us some of the details about the car, please: Motor, trans, age etc.

              I suspect that we'll see you @ the Streets of Willow next month. Welcome to ownership :!: 8)


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                Thanks, I'm looking forward to many happy miles!
                Its a stock Birkin with the fuel injected Zetec motor, 2000 model year and was registered under SB100 2 years ago. I know Steve, the owner/builder, has done a lot of work documenting the engine control system and ironing out the bugs, so hopefully it will be very reliable. He wasn't familar with this web site when I mentioned it to him, but he was a regular contributor to the Birkin owners Yahoo group.
                The car is very yellow with carbon fiber front fenders, rear fender guards, and dash.
                I plan to make as many 7 events as possible with it, and definitely will be at Willow in September. :D
                My only problem was that the weather was very hot last Saturday when I drove it, and I couldn't figure out how to turn the A/C on - guess that will be my first call to Gert's Hotline :wink:


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                  Stan, a few (hopefully) of us will get together this Sunday morning for a drive, starting in Malibu. See the separate posting on that topic. It would be nice if you could make it. Gert might be there, depending on jet lag.


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                    Thanks for the invite, but I'll spend this weekend going over the car and becoming more familar with it locally. I drive it home tomorrow from Canoga Park to Victorville, about a 110 mile trip. I'll definitely make future trips!


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                      Hi Brad, any tickets left?

                      I was wondering to come with wife and son (as you can guess not with the Seven :P )

                      But, no tickets no problem. We may come anyway.



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                        Stan, sorry you missed the drive this morning. We heard your engine quit on the way and we are wondering what happened.


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                          Hi Michael,
                          Yes, the engine quit about 15 miles from home, and I haven't figured it out yet. Gert said you had a good drive, and I'm glad to hear that. I'm sure I'll be able to join everyone next time.


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                            Gert: You're in :!:


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                              Minor detail: Are we going to be there Saturday or Sunday????

                              Thanks, Gert