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Another assault on Mt. Palomar, May 18

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  • Another assault on Mt. Palomar, May 18

    The esteemed Clark Taylor would like to write a LowFlying article on one of our jaunts to Mt. Palomar and Julian here in San Diego county. Any one interested in coming along?

    Hoping to get 5 or 10 sevens together for some fun on the twisties in the pines.

    We usually meet at the Park 'n Ride on I 15, which is the western access point to Mt. Palomar.

    The date is flexible if the majority finds another date would be better.

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    Hey, I was waiting for that since June 8, 2006. Maybe we should skip the Borrego Springs part this time....

    I am in and 5/18 is as good as any other weekend except Memorial Day.

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        Borrego Springs will not be on the menu unless the majority of participants insist. The drive down the backside of the mountain into the desert and Borrego Springs is really a fun/fast road. But, sticking my head above the windscreen to cool off, I was met with a blast of scorching air from Hell. I would not have believed that putting your face into the wind @ 90 MPH could produce such a blast of red hot air. Our stop in Borrego Springs enabled us to determine within a minute or two that we were not staying for lunch. The mountain air and pine tress of Julian, at 4000 feet, proved to be a much more suitable climate for lunch. Also, the drive up the pass was fun until I got stuck behind an RV.

        The above photo was taken near the top of Mt. Palomar, where we stop at Mother's for refreshment. Chasing the super bikes up the nine mile road to the top is very entertaining, even if we can't catch them.

        The proposed route is open to all suggestions from participants. There are quite few possible side trips.


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          I'm in as long as work doesn't get in the way. It'd be fun to see you all down this way.

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            I'm game.

            /Magnus F.


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              With all the SoCal'ers willing to head North for the Big Sir blat on April 13th (I've been thinking about referring to that one as the 10th Anniversary blat...), I guess I had better get my ass South for this Mt. Palomar gathering. Be rude not too, really.

              Unfortunately, there is a distinct chance I won't be able to make it due to circumstances beyond my control, but I am going to plan on being there anyway and hope for the best.

              edit -- Weekend accommodations secured.
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                I'll round up the usual suspects at the local level.


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                  Magnus has confirmed that he will attend.


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                    Sean's wife has confirmed that he (I) will attend.

                    edit -- Roll a 7 - YHM, sir.
                    edit 2 -- nevermind; I found it. See you in three weeks.
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                      Rachel and I will be there. I'm looking forward to it.



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                        do we have a date yet?


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                          How about May 18th?
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                            No immediate need, but would appreciate it if someone could PM me the anticipated meeting time and specific location in the next week or so, please. I PM'd Brad a couple of weeks ago, but I guess he doesn't check in here that often.
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                              The R300 Roadsport in the shop right now is a customer's car so I can't drive it, the Sigma Roadsport is not going to be here. If anyone has an empty seat, I would love to provide 165 pounds of ballast.
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