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SuperCarSunday October 28th

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  • SuperCarSunday October 28th

    Anyone up for it?

    The last Sunday of month and it's the big one.

    Or maybe not anymore:


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    Hmm, I might. Can I come with a slightly wrinkled car? Or is that too embarrassing for the Sevens community?


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      It's a badge of honor.

      Just tell them you out braked the Porsche, or Ferrari.


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        Anyone besides Gert and I???


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          I guess we will be there about 8:15.

          Since we did not use the car since August, we plan to go a little further after that. Maybe Mulholland, 23, 126, Bouquet, Angeles Forest home. And maybe brunch at Crazy Otto.
          I hope the car starts and the leaky water pump holds up.


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            Charge the battery.

            Bring Bars Leak, although I don't think it will help with a water pump.

            Why is your water pump leaking again?


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              Car started O.K. no problem then. The water pump is not actually leaking while driving but on the last NorCal trip I noticed that after turning off the car it pees a few spoonful or sometimes up to a cup of coolant at the motor front, then stops. Only explanation I have it comes out of the water pump weep hole. If it was another leak it should loose coolant all the time when driving but maybe I am wrong.

              But that is another thing where I did not have the energy to really check where it comes from. Oh well, I filled up another few ounces today and that should do it.


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                Originally posted by slomove View Post

                But that is another thing where I did not have the energy to really check where it comes from.
                Time for some Geritol.


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                  Had hoped to join you at SCS but stayed out too late last night at a halloween party to be able to get up in time.
                  Paul. Birkin S3 /Dunnel zetec/emerald ECU


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                    Originally posted by Doug Liedblad View Post
                    Time for some Geritol.
                    Or a Duratec.

                    I have all the bits hint hint.
                    A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted