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The streets Sep 17.

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  • The streets Sep 17.

    This is a Friday. No one has signed up yet, but I am interested...

    Any comments?

    /Magnus F.

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    Don't know.....

    A think a colleague went to one of their events a while ago. I have not heard how it was but I did not go because they are said to be a magnet for hot young ricer drivers. The supposedly high testosterone levels, limited driver experience with free passing everywhere did not make me feel comfortable. Maybe I am getting old but the thought of being divebombed by a car twice the mass and a driver half my age was not so tempting.

    I will ask the guy what the experience going there with his Beemer was.

    I am wondering to attend the NASA events either at Willow Springs (big track) Sept. 11/12 or Buttonwillow Oct. 9/10. I am leaning to Buttonwillow because I have not been there yet and because it is one of the events with the endurance championship. That of course just for watching and out of interest if Team Birkinsport is going to hold up.

    And the Shelby Club is going to have another track day Sept./Oct. So many choices....But I got to find out what my new springs, wheels and tires are good for.

    Don't forget the Sevens Festival Oct. 23/24



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      I'm aiming for the next Shelby Club 2 day event @ the Streets (just like the last one) in Sept or Oct and the 7 Fest @ Infineon. 8)


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        I've done two track days with Redline, one on the Streets of Willow and the other on the big track. They run three groups (beginner, intermediate, and expert) in half hour shifts. Beginners and intermediates can only pass on the long straights and experts can pass just about anywhere, and they incourage wave-byes if someone is on your tail.

        In my experience, everyone was well behaved and there were no incidents on the track. The beginner and intermediate groups did tend to have a lot of young guys in Japanese cars (Lancers, WRX's, Miatas) and Ford Focus's (Foci?) with the experts tending toward Porches, Corvettes, fast Mustangs, a few Vipers and Ferraris, and quite a few dedicated track cars that were trailered to the event.

        It will still be very hot in September!



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          Maybe we can pay extra to get them to reserve a group for us Seveners.

          This, obviously, depends on how many of us that shows up. But it would be extremely fun with a seven-only session with full passing rights.

          /Magnus F.


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            Magnus, passing your car is difficult because it is extra wide. However, if you wave your fellow seveners by, that would be most sportsmanlike.


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              You can pass my fat Swedish ass when my supercharger dies.

              Prior to that I would appreciate if slower, naturally suffocated cars could keep well to the right as soon as they hear the wailing announcing their imminent defeat.

              /Magnus F.


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                we have not met yet . . . . have we?
                oh, and by the way, I am RHD, if that matters as I pass you on the . . . . . hmmm . . . . . left or right, I have not decided yet.