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  • AROSC Driving School

    See AROSC School

    The Feb 18-19th event.

    If you are new to your car or want to get involved in track days these guys run a great introductory school.

    Note also the TT and Enduro events at Buttonwillow are earlier this year than last.
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    Is it only a two day event or can you do one of the days only?

    (I guess one could pay $250 and just do one day...but that seems a little steep). Official importer of the Zenos E10 Your USA dealer for Levante Cars, Origin Cars, Minotaur Racing, Sadev Gearboxes, RST V8 Engines, and more... How fast do you want to go?


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      I think in the past you could do only one day, I'll check with AROSC about this event.


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        They don't have an answer about the one day cost of the event. My contact is checking as he has had several requests for one day only entrants.


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          The most recent response is they will accept one day sign ups on the restriction that you are a confirmed standby - meaning that you are guarnteed a spot unless a two day spot is needed. So you can sign up for one day but if they fill the two day slots you might get bumped.

          You will get a full refund if bumped.

          The cost for a one day spot is $162.50

          They are working on the details how to get you registered for one day through motorsport reg.
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            I did the AROSC school back in 2002 with my then-new Subaru WRX in the Street Performance class. Time Trial and Race are also available. The instructors are excellent and the school curriculum was appropriate for the skill level. We rotated between classroom, skidpad, and track sessions for both days.

            I would love to participate this year but I will be out of town the whole weekend. I was fortunate enough to attend the University of VARA at Buttonwillow, which was a little $$ ($350 for the weekend) but more track time than I had at the AROSC school. Of course, the curriculum could be completely different by now.


            2001 CMC Locost Frame/2003 Yamaha R1 w/6spd sequential


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              I'll check this out tomorrow and probably sign up for the race group.


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                Registered for both days in Racing school


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                  Will it be only me going on this one?

                  /Magnus F.


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                    I won't be there. Had a great time at their last racing school, even more fun than I thought it would be!



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                      Sorry....we will go to Colorado. Got to find a place to retire eventually :)


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                        I canceled.

                        The FIA approved harness that I purchased to pass tech didn't fit. The crotch strap belts were far too short to reach the rear firewall mounting points. I played around with brackets for a while but realized that they would not be safe, and I am now out of time.

                        I'll probably order a Caterham race harness next week.


                        /Magnus F.
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                          I use Simpson and they fit and work fine.

                          I have a set you can borrow if you want to change your mind and uncancel. I could meet you someplace to loan them to you. About 1/2 hour to install.

                          Just purchased mid last year.


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                            Just remembered you don't have stock seat so I don't know how the antisub belt would fit.

                            I can bring it to your house tonight if you really want to go.

                            I think AROSC will at least apply the funds to the next event you run. They have a track day and enduro in April at Buttonwillow.