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Caravan to Infineon

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  • Caravan to Infineon

    I am very keen to attend the 7s fest in October (23 & 24) @ Infineon (Sears Point, Sonoma, etc.) If there is enough interest a brutal gang of us SoCal 7ers could caravan for the assault, perhaps meeting somewhere around the Grapevine. I'm planning to tow and I know that Gert is interested in the same and Michael B, too. If our esteemed and Magnificent Magnus has returned from Sweden I suspect that he may also be interested( :?: ). Clark is an over the edge 7 guy and always a candidate for a 7 adventure. It would be good to hear from Jeff R, Jon s, Chris Moose..., Ronbo, Venom7, Gene T, Murphy's Law, Boss Tweed, Martin F, and any others that might like to go with their cars or as crew, groupies, etc. The thought of possibly thirty or more 7s in one spot has a magnetic attraction for me. Would appreciate hearing from any and all that have any level of interest :D This would really give Clark something great to write about :idea: :!:

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    I might be in. However, if any possible I will try to see some customers on the way to/from Infineon (Friday/Monday) and save the travel days from my PTO records :o)

    Depending on the outcome I still may jump on the bandwagon (or was that a gangwagon?), if there is any.



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      I am interested, need to assess my schedule closer to the event, and find (i) a trailer, (ii) a car to tow it with.


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        Last trip to Streets I rented a Ford truck for about $50 per day and 150 miles per day, 15 cents per mile after that. I managed to borrow a trailer from another 7 owner here in SD. I think trailer rental is also possible with a bit of looking around. Magnus and I were hoping to scrounge up a 2 car trailer and travel tandem. Haven't given up on that idea yet. If I get any useful ideas :idea: I'll post them here. 8)


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          Maybe you guys can motivate William to go north and rent you some space in his monster trailer :)



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            Hey guys,

            My relocation to silicon valley will happen in the first week of November. Sadly, with the move so close, I can't justify abandoning the family for a weekend at infineon. However, I do need to transport my car and William indicated that he might have room for it in his rolling juggernaut. Waiting to hear from him.

            I wanted to let you know that I will be looking for transport around that time in case you are considering renting a trailer that would carry more than one car. In that case I would be happy to share expenses etc.

            One might speculate that, IF my car were to be transported to Infineon on the weekend of October 22nd, and IF it were necessary for me to drive to Infineon to pick it up, THEN it would be wasteful to incur all that expense and effort and not drive on the track while I am there. But that's a whole separate discussion with SWMBO. Enough said.


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              does anybody know if infineon has a decibel restriction? Had a bad experience at laguna seca one year with my very loud cosworth and was blackflagged everytime i went around and finally had to pack it up and drive all the way back to la. Not fun!!!


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                I am officially out of this one since I leave for Sweden Oct 14 and will not be back until Nov 3.

                Sorry about that.

                /Magnus F.


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                  If there's anything that we can do here to help you guys make the trip please let us know.

                  There is a sound restriction at Infineon but its not as bad as Laguna. I'll get the exact spec and post it. The only seven that I've seen violate the Infineon level was a completely unmuffled very high output Zetec.

                  Rich H.