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SuperCarSunday Feb 27th

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  • SuperCarSunday Feb 27th

    Rain forecast for Saturday but Sunday predicted clear, at least so far.

    Anyone up for SuperCarSunday and a short blat?

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    Yes, I can do that. Sunny but 54 degrees only.

    Breakfast at Jazmine's ?


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      Where is Jazmine's?


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          ...a very cold storm system will impact southwest california friday into saturday...

          A very cold low pressure system originating from canada will move southward along the west coast on thursday...then impacting southwest california friday into saturday.

          The initial cold front will bring about 3 to 5 hours of moderate to heavy rain and mountain snow to san luis obispo and santa barbara counties on friday...spreading into ventura and los angeles counties late friday afternoon into friday night. Behind the cold front... A very cold and unstable air mass will continue to bring a threat of showers and a slight chance of thunderstorms into saturday. Some of these post-frontal storms could bring brief heavy downpours... Hail...gusty winds...and waterspouts. Preliminary rainfall amounts are generally expected to range from one half to one inch across the coastal and valley areas...with one to two inches possible in the foothills and lower mountain elevations.

          The main impacts of this upcoming storm system will be the potential for significant snowfall accumulation and strong winds in the well as the potential for very low snow levels behind the front. The majority of the snowfall in the mountains is expected to be associated with the cold front...when snow levels are generally expected to be around 4000 feet. Behind the cold front...snow levels will fall low as 500 feet north of point conception...and 1000 feet south of point conception. Preliminary snow estimates with this upcoming storm system are 1 to 2 feet across the mountains above 4000 feet...with lesser accumulations below 4000 feet. Late friday night into saturday...lighter snow accumulations will be possible across the antelope valley floor...santa monica mountains...and santa clarita valley. In addition...many foothill and higher valley locations will be at risk for light snowfall...especially those communities near the mountains.

          In addition...strong southwest winds gusting over 50 mph will be possible with the front...potentially creating brief whiteout conditions. As we draw closer to the event...a winter storm watch will likely be posted for all of the mountains and possibly the antelope valley...while other lower elevation locations may require winter weather advisories.

          Snow and icy conditions will likely impact many of our major mountain roadways...including interstate 5 from the grapevine to santa well as highway 14 from santa clarita valley to the antelope valley...including the soledad canyon. Due to the unusually low snow levels expected...some of the lower elevation roadways that are especially at risk for snow include highway 101 (especially near cuesta pass)...highway 154...highways 41 and 46 in san luis obispo well as highways 126 and 118 in ventura county.

          This storm has the potential to bring some of the lowest snow levels we have seen in recent times. With such low snow levels possible...this upcoming storm system could be deadly for unprepared motorists...campers or hikers. Anyone planning to travel into the mountains on friday and saturday should be prepared for winter storm conditions with very cold temperatures. Remember to always carry an emergency kit in your car in case you encounter hazardous driving conditions. Stay tuned for the latest national weather service forecasts and statements as this unusually cold winter storm approaches the southland.


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            Doesn't really look like Super 7 weather!!
            John Norris
            '91 Caterham 1700 c/f
            Green/Aluminum W/Clamshells
            '94 BMW 325I Racecar
            '94 BMW 325IS Racecar


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              30 degrees is no prob.jpg


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                I am supposed to be working this weekend, but the weather may put the kibosh on it

                The funny thing is my wife goes " What is that car a Morgan ? " and I said "No that's a Caterham but there is a Morgan driving it " -delise


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                  Originally posted by mopho View Post
                  I am supposed to be working this weekend, but the weather may put the kibosh on it
                  On the work or the drive?

                  Anyone else besides Gert and I?

                  Jazmine's a bit far for me as I need to get back at a reasonable time. I was thinking Rock Store for breakfast but can be talked into somehing else.


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                    Well I had postponed the shoot because of the weather and of course it is sunny and blue skies right now. :(

                    Probably not in for SCS though, the roads are going to be trashed and it will be too cold and too early to put up with being cold

                    The funny thing is my wife goes " What is that car a Morgan ? " and I said "No that's a Caterham but there is a Morgan driving it " -delise


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                      Supposed to be a whopping 40 degrees and sunny at 8 am. Our friends on the East Coast would consider that a perfect blatting day :rolleyes:


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                        Wish I could have made it. Looking forward to getting out from under my current weekend sucking work project in a few weeks.
                        Paul. Birkin S3 /Dunnel zetec/emerald ECU


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                          Weather was just fantastic. A bit chilly when I started but very clear. I tried to get to the mountains for a picture of the car in the snow but Big Tujunga was shut down after a few miles due to storm cleanup. I guess we are running out of roads to go there :confused:
                          I probably should have continued with Doug for the Rock Store.


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                            Below freezing when I left but warmer by the time we left SCS for the Rock Store.

                            Turnout at SCS wasn't up to the usual standards.

                            I did like this Jag:


                            Some of the usual stuff:


                            Best was the view from Decker:

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