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Summer Trip to South Dakota

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  • Summer Trip to South Dakota

    Not sure if I mentioned it here already. Rosie and I are going on our bi-annual long Sevens trip next Summer. From the local group Randall is also planning to be there as is Bill G. Likely there will be 2-5 more cars from the East Coast, Texas and Canada.

    We will tow to Jackson, WY and start the tour to the Black Hills, stay a few days in Custer,SD with shorter local blats, Badlands NP and back through Bighorn Mountains, Beartooth area and Yellowstone. All in all about 2 weeks.

    Everybody with a Seven is welcome to join but there is no central organization. More info with dates, hotels and routes here.

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    That looks like a fantastic trip. Remember to bring warm clothes - it can snow there any time of the year! Sorry, I'm not going to be able to make it (unless our current plans fall through).

    Tom "ELV15" Jones


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      Some pics here .

      It was really a good trip. Unfortunately back to work tomorrow.


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        Thanks for sharing the pics, Gert! Looks like a very fun trip. Driving through the Black Hills in a seven must be loads of fun.


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          Yes it is. Unfortunately the famous ones (Needles and Iron Mountain) are very much stuck with slow moving RVs and the like. But, there are ample back roads with little traffic and almost as good.

          But the real super roads are Chief Joseph and Beartooth Highway (especially early in the morning). I would not mind going back there tomorrow :rolleyes:


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            Hey Gert,
            Photos make it look like an epic trip. I'd love to try something like that one of these days. I would need way more comfortable seats than my standard birkin seats though.
            Glad you guys had a great time.
            Paul. Birkin S3 /Dunnel zetec/emerald ECU