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NASA - Willow Springs July 10 & 11

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  • NASA - Willow Springs July 10 & 11

    Anyone planning to go? I am interested, but concerned about the heat. Anyone had experience running in the desert in July?

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    NASA must be running the big track at Willow since SpeedVentures is doing the Streets of Willow that weekend ( I like the big track in summer since you can duck into the airconditioned snack bar and gift shop to cool off if you need to, but there isn't much refuge from the heat over at the SOW.

    I had planned to do the SOW on that Sunday with SpeedVentures but I think I'll try the NASA event instead as I've never run with them. I don't have a Seven (yet), just a slow Lexus IS300. I live in Victorville, and the weather is about the same as Rosamond. Our temperatures have been in the 90's lately, and will probably be hitting the 100's by July. Mornings are nice though, in the 60's!



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      Heat, what is that?

      I was there last July. It was 106 degrees. Not sure if it is always that hot but you MUST have a canopy and a hat. You will probably need 2 or 3 gal of water. But it was fun and I had more trouble with the heat than the engine.



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        That's a bit too toasty for my scandinavian genes. Fontana in mid Sept was a fair preview to perdition; Buttonwillow mid summer is a tad beyond fun for me. The one good thing about my weekend @ Fontana was that my bride announced that I'd lost weight over the weekend, which I vehemently denied. A trip to the scales showed a 9 pound loss. Her response was, "Go more often, it makes you look great"! 8)