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    If you've never had your Seven on the track and would be interested in trying it out, check out the driving school at the Streets of Willow in April.

    AROSC does an excellent job of getting you started.
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    Thanks Doug, I've been meaning to look into some thing like that. I will try and sort that out.
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      Are you thinking of going to their event in January Doug? Would love to have another seven gathering at the track soon.



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        I wasn't planning on the January event.

        I like the Streets better than the big track.

        AROSC is also expecting to do two Buttonwillow events later in the year.

        Hopefully we'll do another enduro.



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          And there was mention of a possible Laguna Seca event. Now that would be interesting, although probably very expensive. I can not do the January event.


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            I was told selection for the club racers is by lottery for a Laguna Weekend. So luck of the draw determines if they get some time.

            If they do get a slot it usually sells out quickly.

            It would be fun and maybe we could get some of the N. Cal. sevens to come too.

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              I'm up for some track day's next year - Laugna would be awesome, but I'm open to other locations if there will be a gathering.
              Tom "ELV15" Jones


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                I don't like the big track at Willow that much either. But looking forward to getting together again soon. I was out at Streets last weekend, and had a great time. Even driving conservatively this car is pretty quick! I'm putting some new shocks on this weekend, and wondering why the front top shocks are mounted so that you can't get the bolt out without bending the aluminum either in or out! At least it is otherwise pretty easy.

                My corner weight system is four 440 lb capacity bathroom scales - with just 300 lbs on each corner it works pretty well and is a very cheap way to do it!


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                  Originally posted by Doug Liedblad View Post
                  It would be fun and maybe we could get some of the N. Cal. sevens to come too.
                  My car is currently undergoing an engine rebuild (likely out till march) but I would love to come down for a few events this summer.

                  If you are planning on running Laguna do remember that they have a very strict 92 db sound limit which affects a lot of cars running stock exhausts.
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                    I learned that lesson about the sound limit at Laguna Seca the hard way. My car had a stock exhaust, and I was booted off. Fortunately, I was able to run into town and have a quieter one built and get back on track without missing much. Even then I had go part throttle past the sound check.


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                      April with AROSC will probably work for me. Haven't been to Streets in about 5 years and NEED to get back.


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                        I'm definitely up for the streets in April. Thanks for the info.


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                          I'll plan on going to streets in April as well! I was supposed to go up to Buttonwillow today and tomorrow, but they are getting a lot of rain, and I don't want to get my car wet. I'm going to watch the weather today and consider going tomorrow, but it looks like more rain tomorrow. :(


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                            AROSC Schedule

                            2011 EVENT
                            Jan 22, 23 DE, Time Trials & Race, Willow Springs
                            Jan 30 Annual Awards Luncheon
                            Apr 16, 17 Driving School, Streets of Willow
                            May 14, 15 DE, Time Trials, Race & Enduro(?), Buttonwillow
                            Oct 1, 2 DE, Time Trials & Race, Willow Springs

                            Note the question mark next to the Enduro. I'll contact Clark who's a member for clarification.

                            The following members have expressed some interest in doing the Enduro.

                            Michael Murphy

                            If they can each find a co driver that would be great.

                            AROSC has been liberal about requirements in the past. If you don't have your race license best to at least do their school in April and get to know the guys that will be running the event. Ask them then if they'll let you run in May.


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                              I hope to make the driving school in April. Looks like the perfect class to dip my toes in to.

                              I saw they allow motorcycle helmets which is good as I've been waiting for more 2010 certified helmets to come out before purchasing.

                              Noticed they're not taking sign-ups yet (couldn't find a link to application).

                              I live about 90 minutes away... Do you think I could drive the 7 there with just a shade chair (& sunscreen), small ice chest & toolkit?