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  • Next Sevens Festival

    Just a heads-up: I heard there will be another Sevens Festival at Infineon/Sonoma the weekend of Oct. 23/24

    I was there last year and it was a hoot! Almost 30 Sevens in one place and on the track. I surely will go again, even if it is not exactly in the neighborhood.


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    You're right Gert. Planning is underway for NASA's second Super Seven Festival at Infineon on October 23-24, 2004. No details yet, but it is time now to mark your calendars.

    On logistics, any vendors who wish to display merchandise to seven enthusiasts during the event should contact me directly off list now to make arrangements.

    Similarly, anyone wishing to suggest, organize, or lead any event for participants should also contact me off list to get that going.

    I can be reached at [email protected].

    See you there. Thanks.

    Rich Hairston


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      Sevens Festival for newbies

      Last year's festival was the first time I had ever been around Sevens other than remembering the old Loti from past racing years. Since I live only 25 miles from Sears Pt. it was easy to run up there to see all about the cars. I had, by that time, already decided that I probably did want to get a Caterham (it's almost ready to ship from England) but wanted to see some cars and get a ride or two.

      The day was a lot of fun and very informative with a large group of Sevens (Lotus, Caterham, Birkin, and one Westfield Seight). Both road and track models were in evidence. Held during a NASA event, the Sevens could go out for their high performance driving events (HPDE) and there was even an exhibition race for Sevens only. If you looked in the packet you got when you came in you would have found a ticket for a free bottle of wine and a glass. I almost missed that and a few friends did. Hey, this whole day was free but it returned a lot to me, enabling me to made decisions on how to spec my Caterham and also meeting other owners of these cars.

      Golden Gate Sevens Caterham dealer is on premises (I don't know if Rich will be open one or both days) and the Birkin dealer brought a load of cars and new parts for display.

      So, if you are thinking about the possibility of putting yourself in the seat of one of these great cars, or just want to see some and learn more about them, I highly recommend that you plan to attend. This year should even be better. Much appreciation to the guys who are organizing this event for us Seven lovers. My Caterham Superlight should, I hope, be finished by the festival but how to get it up their as it will be unregistered until next January?



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        How to get it up there

        Well, I am towing anyway when it is more than an hour or so on the Freeway. Just not worth zooming along the I5 in the Seven for 6 boring hours or so and I like to take some tools and parts (At least I had a suitable bolt when Brad needed one for his trailer :-)

        So, even if not yet road legal there is still a good reason to take the car to the festival.



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          I agree, way!

          ...But, you should leave the trailer behind drive up 1. Nice and tiwisty. Good views.... com'on you know you want to.! ;-)


          Tom "ELV15" Jones


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            Yes, Hwy 1 would be nice. But then it is 8 or 9 hours drive.

            Anyway, Steve, if you don't have a trailer and you car needs a ride to the festival I can pick it up. If I am not mistaken you are only 15 miles or so away from Infineon? You can almost push it there :wink:



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              push please

              Gert, are you offering some help pushing my car to Sears which is about 25 miles? Are YOU licensed for the freeway? I do have a trailer but it isn't currently useable and has a Model T stored in it. I was thinking more of seeing if I can get a one day moving permit from DMV to take my car to the shop for "necessary work".

              Other than Hwy. 1 there are other routes and old roads off of 101 to the east that are a lot of fun. You mostly need a good map and some sense of adventure to find some of the roads.


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                Steve, what I meant is that I will be up there with a trailer, anyway. Then I could drop off my Seven at the track and pick up yours. Maybe not ideal but if you don't get a moving permit....

                I just remember that I got my moving permit to drive to the DMV from AAA. May even be easier.



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                  I'm going to try and attend this one. i saw the pictures and I was amazed there was that many sevens around.



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                    I, too, feel the need arising. What sort of equipment do I need?


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                      Festival track events are still in planning but, in general, compliance with NASA HPDE safety requirements (i.e., primarily helmet and roll bar) will be required for HPDE, TT, and Sevens Exhibition Racing. Compliance with full NASA race car safety requirements (i.e., driving suit, roll cage, fire system, etc.) will be required for Sevens Challenge Racing. See NASA rules for details. Noon track tours/parades generally have no specific safety requirements.


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                        Might possibly take you up on that trailer offer after I see what stage my build is in by October. I doubt that I would want to do any track time on a new engine and car with 0 miles until after a decent break-in. I can make a small spot here to stay if you want and if you are not allergic to cats (feline cats, that is). It sounds like there are enough of you in S. Calif. to make a two day blat to the festival all together.