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Willow Springs, Anybody?

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  • Willow Springs, Anybody?

    There will be another NASA track day at Willow Springs (the big, fast track) July 10/11. Cost is $225 for both days HPDE. There is also an enduro race at night and I heard some Seveners are coming from NorCal.
    See Here

    Quite likely that I will go. Anybody else?


    P.S.: Last year at this time it was a nice and cosy 106 degrees 8) I went through 3 gallons of water but had a lot of fun.

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    I will probably attend.


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      Oh, darn it! Just found out that my sister is visiting that weekend from Germany. I think it would not be good style to just take off for 2 track days :(

      Well, there will be other opportunities in Fall.....

      Whoever goes, have fun out there. I will probably be at Universal Studios or Disneyland or something :?



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        Bring your sister. If she lives in Germany she will appreciate the arid heat of the Mojave Desert in summer. A once in a lifetime experience.


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          Forwarded: some more information

          I got the following info from NASA (but I am not going),


          NEXT EVENT IS JULY 10-11!!

          I wanted to send this as a reminder to get everyone prepared for the
          next NASA event which is only a few weeks away. We don't have an event
          in Aug so I hope everyone gets ready to make this event. We are also
          hosting a Night Enduro as part of the WERC Championship
 so take
          advantage of what is usually perfect night racing weather!

          Season Points have been updated so take a look to see where you stand.
          We have Racing, Enduro, and Time Trial Results posted here:

          Unfortunately there is a national soccer tournament in the area so most
          of the hotels are already booked. I have complied a list of hotels that
          still have space available. Please make reservations today to secure a

          Motel 6 (Lancaster) - Sold out
          Courtyard Marriott (Palmdale) - Sold out
          Residence Inn (Palmdale)- Sold Out
          Desert Inn (Lancaster)- Sold Out
          Park Plaza (Lancaster)- Sold Out
          Holiday Inn (Palmdale) Sold Out
          Devonshire (Rosamond)- Sold Out
          Ramada (Palmdale)- Sold Out

          Inn of Lancaster (Lancaster)- 3 Smoking Singles
          EZ-8 (Lancaster) 661-945-9477 - 1 Double, 10 Singles {62.88}
          Oxford Inn (Lancaster) 661-949-3423- 10 Singles, 4 Smoking {85.00}
          Best Western (Lancaster) 661-948-4651- 9 Single Kings, 16 Single Queens
          {79.20 with AAA card)
          Best Western (Mojave) 661-824-3061- 30+ Doubles, 10+ Singles {65.00)

          I looked up on Mapquest and the Best Western in Mojave is 13 miles from
          the Rosamond exit so it is not far. I have also stayed there when
          traveling for OTC and it is perfectly fine.

          Please register for the event here

          Ryan Flaherty
          National Chairman
          HPDE: High-Performance Driving EventYou have always wanted to know what “she could do”, but you know the streets and highways are not the place. NASA gives you and your car an easy, safe, and affordable way to get on the track! Learn MoreTime Trial: Compete for Best Lap TimeIn NASA Time Trial competition, anything goes, […]


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            Whoever goes, have fun out there. I will probably be at Universal Studios or Disneyland or something
            Disneyland? Universal Studios? Hell, if you're going to take here anywhere go to Magic Mountain. They have the only roller coasters in SoCal that will at least get your sister close to the 7 experience. Besides, it's on the way (well, almost) to Willow hint hint.
            A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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              Yes, might be a good idea. I have not been to MM for a few years. But then, my sister is a little on the heavy side. Surely would not fit in the Seven, anyway. Neither enjoy roller coasters.

              The mention of Disneyland and Universal was kind of symbolic. We are probably rather doing some city sightseeing, beach, montains, good food and yes, maybe stop by at Willow Springs for an hour to watch. But that is fine. I don't see her that often.