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I got to get out of this place (next weekend July 17/18th)

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  • slomove
    Since I follow the famous word of Chancellor Adenauer (Germany in the 50's) I don't really care about the crap I said the other day. This morning I packed an ice chest with water and a spray bottle to keep me cool and took off, anyway. Thanks for the Coolshirt offer, though! Might have helped.

    So I went that way . The heat was not really too bad and a lot in the mountains, mostly around 98 to 100 degrees and before I noticed I had another 360 miles on the clock. Google said it should take 10 hours and 36 minutes but somehow it took me only 7 hours.

    I finally made it across Breckenridge mountain (where Rosie and I got stuck in snow in April). The road is a bit rough but doable in a Seven and the lower part down the mountain is fabulous.

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  • soareyes
    You could have borrowed my Cool Shirt.
    But yes, it was too hot to be fun. Acuweather shows 108 in Kernville today!

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  • slomove
    Temperature forecast 103 degrees in Kernville (@ 2700' altitude) and 105 in Bakersfield.

    Just too toasty for a fun trip. I am not going.
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  • I got to get out of this place (next weekend July 17/18th)

    Family out of town and no meaningful project lined up.

    So, I am planning to drive out on Saturday to the southern Sierra to get some fresh air (maybe this way)

    and return Sunday (maybe that way)

    I will stay in Glennville at the Bunkhouse.

    Anybody wants to join all or in part, let me know.