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Free Tix to ALMS/ Laguna Seca

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  • Free Tix to ALMS/ Laguna Seca

    I will run in the F2000 races at the Laguna Seca American LeMans Series event this coming weekend (May 20, 21, 22). In return for the extortionate entry fees, I have received six guest pit passes and a set of steak knives. I will put the steak knives to good use, but at this point I don't need four of the pit passes.

    The passes are good for any single day: friday practice/qual, the saturday main event (ALMS race) and the Sunday races which do NOT include ALMS but DO include F2000 and other series.

    I don't know much about how these tickets work as I have not done this before, so please don't pepper me with questions. I understand that the tickets will get you into the paddock area (ie the pits). Must be over 18. I don't think they get you into the premium stands. You should be able to wander around the track though. If you need to know about the event or the track please go to the Laguna Seca website.

    If you want them, please reply with "MURPHY IS THE GREATEST UNACKNOWLEDGED RACE DRIVER OF ALL TIME" in the title.

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    Can't you sell them on Craig's list for big bucks?

    I already have a pass so don't need them.


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      You need any help in the pits? I'm happy to come down and lend a hand.
      Tom "ELV15" Jones


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        Sure - let's talk by phone this evening.