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    I was back to Streets of Willows with some colleagues of my company last Wednesday. This was a field trip of race school as reward for a successful 2003 :-)

    Not bad, and after driving with their Toyota Celicas on the same track as 3 weeks ago with my Birkin I got a new appreciation of the performance of a Seven. The Toyotas were well prepared with full cages, stiffened chassis, race suspension, good tires, harnesses etc. But with the same power as my car has (about 160 hp) they were sooooo lame.

    The heavy FWD understeer made them pretty easy to control in the turns (unlike my car) but I was shocked how easy it was to spin them by minimal braking when not driving dead ahead. Happened twice to me and I did not like the thought of going around a street corner and having to brake for a pedestrian with this car.

    Otherwise, good instructors and I leaned some new tricks like J-turns forward and backward on the wet skid pad. One thing that really bothered me was my helmet bumping against the (cushioned) roll cage all the time. An open car has some real advantages.

    Oh well, maybe that should better be in "idle talk". But if you ever have the opportunity to go to the track in a very different car it is highly recommended. A real eye-opener!


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    Willow school

    I assume you took Danny McKeever's driving school in the ex-Long Beach Celebrity Stars Celicas? My 81 year old stepdad and brother and I took that class last year as our first experience in high performance track driving and it was great. Just over 100 miles of track time. I can't wait to get my Seven to see how it will compare with the Celicas which were very easy to drive especially after the session on the skid pad which showed me what the car did at the limit and where its limit was. After the skidpad I felt much more comfortable on the track but still couldn't catch my Dad and he has almost no fast driving experience other than driving me to high school on three wheels in his '57VW when we were late. My brother was already into racing karts and has since taken his SCCA school in a Formula Vee. And I'm waiting for my new Superlight which should get built this month. Just ordered my Zetec SVT engine and 5 speed BGH trans. But I have to wait until 2005 to get it registered! Living near San Francisco I think my track work will be at Sears Point.


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      Hi there ... just as a reference what laptimes do you get on this track, Sevens and other cars?


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        Originally posted by Anonymous
        Hi there ... just as a reference what laptimes do you get on this track, Sevens and other cars?
        With the configuration we had at the Streets, I clocked a best at 16.89. I know that Jon was down to 12.something.

        /Magnus F.