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  • Bakersfield Loop?

    Short notice, but anyway....

    Rosie and I are suffering from cabin fever. We will pack up and go Saturday morning to the Poppy Reserve, then on to Tehachapi, Bodfish Road, Breckenridge Road (maybe a short hike), stay overnight in Bakersfield (dinner&dance at the Crystal Palace) and go home on Sunday via Hwy 166, 33 and so on. Anybody interested?

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    I get my car out of the shop tomorrow (Friday). I'll PM you with my phone number and maybe we can meet up after you get settled Saturday... I live in West Bako and was planning on watching Justin try out his new Cat at Buttonwillow Saturday morning. Maybe a Sunday morning drive to Glennville/Lake Issabella (should be some nice wildflowers) then back home thru Bodfish/Tahachipi...
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      This is the plan

      Not sure how long we are going to hang out at the Poppy Reserve, but maybe have lunch in Tehachapi and then drive up Bodfish Road around 1 pm. I will give you a call.



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        Have you done that route on Breckinridge before (Breckenridge Rd/Breckinridge Ave/Forest Route 28S08)? I think it's a dirt fire road (could be wrong). I've driven from Caliente to Lake Issabella, thru Havilah many times and never noticed that road to Hwy 178.
        It might be more for jeeps than 7s


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          Let me know how the poppy reserve is. Is it too early?
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            No clear info about that.

            I suspect it may be paved but a bit potholy , narrow and wavy. But I am known not to be picky and with the wildflowers it must be spectacular up there. I have that sturdy sump guard and if a road is getting too bad I just drive back.


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              Originally posted by BMWRACER View Post
              Let me know how the poppy reserve is. Is it too early?
              I will. But a colleague went last weekend and he said it was already quite spectacular. It is hit and miss...beside the general seasonal rain conditions it may also depend on the day being warm/cool or quiet/windy.

              Last year I was there and it was a brown desert. I will take some pics.


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                Nice weekend trip. Started pretty foggy and chilly, 37 degrees when we drove out on San Francisquito Canyon. But the sun came out at the Poppy Reserve. Actually, lot of flowers out there and definitely worth a trip, although most poppies were still furled up when we arrived due to the wind and cold air. Some pics

                We tried Breckenridge road later. Actually not too bad, well paved single lane. Several basketball size rocks on the road, and a real big one (armchair size) but navigable. We finally had to give up and go back when we got stuck in a foot high layer of wet snow at 7000 or 8000 ft. These Toyo T1R are no good on snow, LSD or not. I think we may try this in May or June again.

                On the way back we stopped at Mondo's house to say hello. From there back on Hwy 166 and 33
                Pretty miserable there with a fierce dust storm in the dry river valley around Ventucopa with no visibility and later driving rain until Ojai. Oh well.
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