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SuperCar Sunday March 28th

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  • SuperCar Sunday March 28th

    End of the month is the big one.

    90% sure that I can be there.

    VRobb with his new SV might be especially if others are there too.

    Anyone else?

    Not too far from the old location.

    Go North on Topanga Cyn, cross street Erwin I believe but have not yet been there.

    Morgan can confirm or correct.

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    Thanks, Doug.
    I'll be there with my Birkin, (guess I'd better give it bit of a clean)
    it will be good to catch up. I'll make sure I don't show up at the old location...
    Paul. Birkin S3 /Dunnel zetec/emerald ECU


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      Mine won't be clean.


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        I might be there, too. If I get out of bed, that is.


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          I've got your number and could call!!!

          Maybe a breakfast blat after to the Rock Store?


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            How early we talkin' 'bout, boys? Work might have me in tonight... :(


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              You used to need to get there by 7 AM if you wanted a place to park.

              Mopho reports that it's not so critical at the new location.

              I'll try to get there around 7:30 and maybe can save a spot or two.

              We can get three of four cars in two spots.


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                I think I can roll my ass out of bed by 7 and be there around 7:45-ish. Depending on the further timing I may be along for a Rock-store breakfast. Must be back in Pasadena around noon.


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                  See you there around 7:30. I'd be up for a bit of breakfast too.
                  Doug, I'll try not to forget to bring your makita screw driver this time...
                  Paul. Birkin S3 /Dunnel zetec/emerald ECU


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                    Gert, Lars, Paul and I showed up. Lots of places to park even when you get there late.

                    Breakfast at the Rockstore and a nice day for a short blatt.


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                      What was there, besides the Sevens, which are in the photos someplace.


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                        That Lambo on the first page sure looked like the BatMobile. These used to be classy cars but nowadays a bit pimp style.


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                          Wow! Thanks for taking all the pics. I need to drive down there in the next month or two.. before it gets too hot.


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                            I guess I have no conception of what it's like to be a rich "car guy", or maybe it's just the Georgia gomer in me: is the Reventon being towed out to keep it pristine, or did the owner get behind on the payments? I always thought great cars were meant to be driven... OK, maybe we should just drool over the 250 SWB, but the rest should be driven, like the Zonda-kudos to the owner of that car!
                            2013 Boss 302 Mustang
                            2005 SV Roadsport (gone but not forgotten)


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                              I cannot take credit for the photos or even finding them.

                              prabjohns found the website with a link to the photos.

                              I don't know who took them nor how Morgan mangaged to get his car here:

                              Last edited by Doug Liedblad; April 1, 2010, 08:49 PM.