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Autocross at Camarillo Airport in April

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  • Autocross at Camarillo Airport in April

    Well the Santa Barbara Region Porsche Club is having an Autocross at Camarillo Air Port on Sunday, April 18, 2010 if your interested in autcrossing.
    Here is a link to the PDF flyer for the event.

    They are also having one on Sunday, March 28, 2010 at the Earl Warn Fair Grounds in Santa Barbra.
    Here is a link to that PDF flyer.

    Martin Keller
    Ventura, Ca.

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    Autocrossing a Seven

    Sevens are so quick and competitive in autocrossing. But those rear wings are absolute cone magnets! Anybody seriously thinking about taking up this sport in their Seven ought to seriously consider rear wing guards similar to those on Brad's (Roll a 7) car. Go ahead, ask me how I know these things!

    I went to the NASA event at Cal Speedway last weekend. Someone there was driving a Stryker, but I never got a chance to meet him. Does anyone know who that is? Also, I drove all around the pits, figuring I'd see Jon's brightly colored Seven somewhere, but alas not to be found. He's succumbed to the (as foretold by Mr. Carter) downforce darkside. And oh is he fast now!

    66,783 miles and smilin'


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      fender guards

      Re the rear fender guards for autocrossing, could someone point me to some pictures? I searche the site for "Roll a 7", but didn't see any pics. I know I could use them, because I ripped the RR off my friend's '98 Superlight last fall, and would like to make some guards for his car and mine ('90 DeDion XFlow).

      Thanks, David (Menlo Park, CA)


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        I emailed Brad to send you one or post it here.

        Let's see if he's paying attention.



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          Something like this will bolt underneath the seat no problem. On the other side, the exhaust does the same job.