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  • Mt Baldy?

    I went out this afternoon to vent my frustration about a knackered cycle wing (patched together now with fiberglass but I messed up the paint job :cry: ) and discovered another road jewel in the local Angeles Forest mountains:

    From Azusa north to East Fork Road and via Glendora Ridge Road to Mount Baldy Village. Quite narrow and very winding at 4-5000 ft, almost no traffic once you get past the picnic places (some rare bikers) and BEAUTIFUL views. Road condition was excellent, but lots of loose grit called for a vacuum session after the trip. BTW "Ridge Road" really means what it says but I forgot to bring a camera.

    A nice dinner on the way back almost restored my mood.

    I am quite surely going next Sunday again, this time earlier and up to the Mt. Baldy ski lift lot (nice hairpin turns 8) .

    Anybody else interested? It would be about 80 miles round trip from Azusa, half of that on real lonely roads.


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    Oh well, looks like nobody is biting. Then I have to do this unbelievably beautiful Sunday morning mountain blat on lonely winding roads just by myself (supposedly sunny, warm and clear).

    I will take video and y'all will regret when you see it :mrgreen: :mrgreen:



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      Told you!

      As expected, phantastic road trip. We left at 8 am, spent 2-3 hours blatting and returned before the heat became annoying.

      I got to get you guys out there sometimes. I can't believe myself that such a road exists within 30 minutes from one of the most populated areas on the planet. Right now it is especially beautiful with all the yellow broom bushes, lupines and other flowers I don't know. But you sure can smell them while driving.

      Video here!


      P.S.: I screwed up the mic connection and had to replace with some music.


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        Sorry for being off line. I owe you all some site updates with photos and videos.

        I am in the final stages of project testing of a telco system (GSM messaging) going to Bulgaria MobilTel. The project team is a bit stressed out, so I usually get my first emergency call at 04:30 and then have to work 10-12 hours straight.

        After that, I am not really in the mood for doing site work.

        I know, I am a weak person...

        Anyway. Mt Baldy sounds like a very nice road trip. Not too far from OC either. If there is ever a repeat, I would really like to go.

        Keep posting the blat events! I think we need a way to attract non-Caterhamers as passengers to these trips. Just to show them the british light.

        /Magnus F.


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          Next Blat

          Just let me know. Would not take much effort to talk me into another Mt. Baldy blat. I have continued editing the video to show more of the the road: Click here!
          This version is lower res and without any sound (9 MByte).