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Buttonwillow in June

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  • Buttonwillow in June

    I may (or may not?) go to the NASA trackday June 5/6 in Buttonwillow. Anybody else going? If it is only myself I will probably postpone until October. But I would be interested because I have not been to Buttonwillow yet.


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    The Alfa club has a Buttonwillow event on the last weekend in May. Several of us have previously run their events and were considering this Alfa club event. It's always nice to have a choice!


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      Ich will in Deutschland sein. Mit M car. Auf der Autobahn. Schade.
      A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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        Gert: I have never attended a NASA event, although I did vote for Jerry Kunzman (head man @ NASA) for guv. Can you tell us a little about how their events are run compared to the Shelby Club event @ the Streets last weekend? Thank you! Brad


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          Please do!

          Requirements on the drivers and cars would be appreciated!

          /Magnus F.


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            I have been to 2 NASA events: #1 at the Willow Springs big track last July and #2 at the Sevens Festival at Infineon. Both were very well organized, safe and disciplined (and somewhat more expensive than e.g. the Shelby Club event). It is obvious that these guys run a semi-professional organization and do such things every few weeks. There are more corner workers, marshals etc.

            They have normally 4 run groups of HPDE (High Performance Driving Experience, kind of open track) plus some race groups and sometimes a commercial racing school. For HPDE the car requirements are basically same as with the Shelby Club (SA Helmet, roll bar, safe car, no synthetic clothing). Stock safety belts are O.K.

            For racing you need a full cage and a NASA racing license. After every HPDE track session there is a "download" session where the naughty guys get their beating and some driving tips and track recommendations are given.

            HPDE1: is for first-timers: instructor as passenger is mandatory (cost included), passing only on the straight. If the instructor is satisfied (and documented in a little passport) you can move to

            HPDE2: same rules but without instructor. Actually you can always go back and ask for an instructor if you want to have a second opinion of your driving. If the NASA guys are satisfied with your driving discipline and skills and that know the rules and the line you can progress to

            HDPE 3 and 4: sometimes run together for reasons of track economy. Passing allowed everywhere except some corners (I believe). That means pretty much race rules. The next step would be to get the NASA racing license and participate in the new NASA Sevens only class

            I liked the NASA events as I liked the Shelby Club track day. Just very different, more business-like, much bigger and not so much just "hanging out". Of course the tracks also made a big difference compared to the Streets.



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              Ok. I'm definetly interested in attending HPDE2/3 during the June 5/6 event.

              Brad. Are you intersted? If so: Shall we try to share a trailer?

              /Magnus F.


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                Cool, would be great.

                registration is not yet open but should be here sometimes:

                Its about 130 miles from Pasadena but even within reach from the Bay Area (210 miles from San Jose, Tom???)

                So, if at least one or two other Sevens are going I will be there.