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  • NHRA at Pomona NOW!

    It had been quite a while since I'd been so I went out to watch the last NHRA event of the year at Pomona yesterday. Without a doubt the Top Fuel cars & Funny Cars are one of the best shows in all of motorsports. The top fuel dragster of Tony Schumacher ripped off a 1000 ft. pass in 3.77 seconds, at 322 mph :-O. It's like watching a rocket or fighter, except the dragsters are faster. When the hit the gas, er, nitro, the grandstands and your whole body vibrates w/ the concussion. It's just f***ing awesome.

    Edit: Tony Schumacher stood by the barrier in their pit, signing autographs & taking pictures w/ fans (Barb!). In what other form of motorsport does that happen? F1 - Ha!

    Hop in your 7s and get the hell out there. And don't take earplugs:D
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    I was at the NHRA races with some friends on Sunday at about 60 feet from the tree at ground track level, thought I was going to drop when the cars went past at 120+ db. Not only do the grand stands shake, the pavement vibrates as well.

    Great experience.