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Crystal Cove Saturday Morning.

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  • Crystal Cove Saturday Morning.

    I'll be at Crystal Cove Saturday morning (as usual).

    Afterwards Jeremy, an Esprit-owning chap, and I may go for a quick drive in the vicinity (Ortega highway being the prime candidate).

    Anyone who wants to join us are more than welcome. I will try to show up there at seven to secure a parking spot. If enough people turn up, we'll take off afterwards.

    /Magnus F.

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    Magnus:. I was there on saturday but didn't arrive until 10:30. WAAAYY too late! That'll teach me!! Will try again one of these weekends.


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      You should have called me. I spent a jolly day i the shop mounting a fuel pressure regulator in order to raise the pressure to 52 psi (from 35!) thus making life easier for my maxed out injectors.

      I've now mounted the 65mm throttle body. The linkage is still sub-optimal, which will be fixed soon, but there is probably another 5-10 HP in the engine.

      1. Go for a run with a close eye on the laptop and ensure that I never lean out more than 0.88 on the lambda probe.

      2. Get rid of a pesky hole that shows up when blipping the throttle at idle and, at a lesser degree, when flooring it at higher speed. This will be done by ramping up transient fueling and advancing the ignition a few degrees at the bottom left corner of the map.

      3. Dyno the whole thing to fine tune it. Especially the cam pulleys.

      4. Beat Brad in a 0-100 run, at half throttle.

      /Magnus F.