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?'s about Willow this weekend...

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  • ?'s about Willow this weekend...

    Greetings Seveners,

    I'm looking forward to attending this weekend's Willow Springs jaunt as part of my research for my quest to Seven ownership. I figure this would be one of the only times I will be able to see so many Sevens at one time (doing what they do best!).

    I was looking to rent a Seven, but unfortunately time and money restraints have prevented me from doing so. I can only make it for one day out of the weekend but I'm hoping to take in as much as I can....

    Which brings me to my first question - which day should I shoot for? Is the weekend broken up into sessions (i.e. practice on Sat., race on Sunday)? Or is it pretty much all day track action on both days?

    Also, do I need anything to spectate becides the $20 fee that Willow charges to get into the grounds?

    I'm really excited to check out your cars in person and I hope you guys don't mind if I ask questions :)

    Thanks much and I look forward to meeting you guys!


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    I believe there is one or more slots where passengers are allowed, but I am unsure which day that would be.
    I'd be happy to take you for a spin around the track during that slot.

    /Magnus F.


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      Francis: Definitely saturday and try to be there @ 9AM. There was a passenger session early last time and the format appears to be the same. Saturday will have much higher attendance and you will get to see more cars/meet more people. WS is very hot and sunny so bring a hat and sunscreen. Also, bring a folding chair so that you can hang out with us. Some of us will bring EZ-ups for shade and we'll have a home base for 7s in the pits. We'll probably go out to dinner together on saturday night, which was a lot of fun last September. You are welcome to join up for all of the fun. Ask questions, help work on cars, whatever; just join the lads :!: 8)


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        AFAIK you will need a helmet as passenger. If you don't have one you may need to borrow or rent one. Most people are kind of meticulous with their headgear, easpecially if it is hot and sweaty :)



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          Saturday it is then! Not sure about dinner as I may have family duties to attend to...but I'll see what the status is as the weekend draws near.

          Thanks again guys!

          Oh yea, I'll probably take some friends along too (if that is ok). They are also dying to check out some Sevens!


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            Bring 'em all :!: 8)