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Cal Speedway this weekend

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  • Cal Speedway this weekend

    NASA still shows HPDE 2 & 3 & TT (if you have a license) availability at Fontana this weekend. For those of you who haven't driven there I can tell you it's a real hoot and well worth driving. Banking that doesn't need bailing out!:D

    Stokes will be there & the weather look like it'll be perfect.
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    Son's 21st birthday....I guess that takes some priority.


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      Wish I could join you. Enjoying a snowstorm in Colorado! I just bought a new house, so have been occupied with that, but meanwhile stripped the frame on the 7 and put in all new bushings, bearings, boots, and spherical joints, as well as a new racing radiator and fixed the temperature sensor. I hope not to be boiling over any more! I think it's being painted blue now, so after I sort out the alignment again I should be back on track soon.

      Have a great weekend. I love the "roval." Never tried it with the Caterham. Good luck.

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