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Wyoming, anybody?

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  • Wyoming, anybody?

    O.K. don't worry....I am not going to organize another long Se7ens tour anytime soon.

    However, I gave up on the 2009 National Sevens Meet that was planned for Branson, MO (barely doable) and moved to Birmingham, AL (too early and just too far) to coincide with the Lotus Owners Group event. Great idea otherwise and I would have really like to go there.

    Anyway, Rosie and I decided to spend the allocated time early July in the Se7en in the Rocky Mountains. That means tow to Salt Lake City, then Teton, Yellowstone, Cody, Beartooth Hwy., Wind River, Rocky MountainsNP, Kremmling, Steamboat Springs and back.

    That would be 7/3/09 through 7/18/09. If anybody happens to be in the area at this time or maybe even join us for a while please let me know!



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    Here is the final plan. Just in case somebody wants to meet up with us or drive along a bit....It might become a mini Se7ens tour, so far I have a handful of other Se7eners who might drive at least part of it:


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      Gert, looks like a great trip!

      Be forewarned, they have two seasons in Wyoming - winter and "road construction". ;)
      Tom "ELV15" Jones


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          You guys....but I know you are just envious ;-)

          For the folks who might be interested in meeting up, below is the latest tour plan with a minor change on 7/13. That means to do the Beartooth Highway not only north/down but also turn around and go up again. I know that is really hard but somebody got to do it.


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            Oh well, somebody got to do it.....

            checking out for the next 2 weeks :D


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              Good luck and have fun!
              Post reports and pics if you have time.



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                Thanks for good far it is actually going quite well. Cars running fine (knock on wood) with insignificant hiccups, amazing scenery (too good to drive fast) and weather is beautiful, around 80 degrees. Minor annoyance were 2 thunderstorms with rain and hail but after an hour or so it is gone and could be considered a nice cool-down.

                Some pics here



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                  Uploaded a few more pictures here