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    I just joined the forum and asking questions of how to get myself into a 7. Been a fan of the 7 forever!

    I noticed that you guys are looking into driving events at local tracks.
    I am part of a group called Speedtrialusa and they do track events, and we've been doing it for a while now. Our next event is at the Willow Springs big track on Aug. 30th. There are also visits to Streets and Buttonwillow in the future.
    I know 7s are a bit small and might be a bit dicey to be with the bigger cars, so maybe for future events to get enough drivers and can have a 7s group?

    Here is the website.

    If you have more questions let me know!



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    Hello Tomi,

    why don't you tell us a bit more about Speedtrial USA? Or maybe come to the Shelby Club event at the Streets end of September for more discussion. LASAAC used to allow passengers with helmet in a Lunch session with "limited speed" whatever that means. I remember a 78 year old lady asked me for a ride there a few years ago and was quite excited. So much about babe culling with a Seven....

    Most of us have been quite happy with NASA, although it has become a bit pricey and sometimes crowded. For that matter, I see Speedtrial isn't really cheaper, either. It would also be interesting to know how they sort out the adrenaline/testosterone junkies (aka rice racers).

    For that matter, LASAAC runs a pretty safe, reasonably priced and low-key event. Maybe not so good for the more competitive types....

    Hope to meet you sometimes.



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      Speedtrial USA is one of the original HPDE organizations in the S.Cal area. I'm sure alot of the members here are aware that these events are not for racing but to learn and to enjoy the track. We try to run a friendly and relax event. There are usually 3 groups. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The Beginner's group is a class taught by seasoned racers on the rules and etiquette of racing. We have many instructors that participate in NASA, SCCA, Mustang Club and other sanctioned events to help out students. The Intermediate is for participants who had previous experience. This group can only pass on the straights and also point bys are required. As for the Advanced group, it's anything goes as long as it's safe. But no dive bombing.
      For sure there are some hot shoes out there, or (Rice Racers) as you call them. This cannot be avoided but we do keep an eye on the ones who don't follow the courtesy rules. We also have a 3 strike rule where after the 2nd warning, the 3rd one you are asked to pack up and leave.
      There are a wide range of cars that come to our events, mostly Japanese (Due to the inexpensive nature of the go fast parts?) and European metal. But I've only seen one 7 :( So it would be great to have 7s out there to show what the car can do.
      I'm sure there are alot of good groups that do HPDE. Just wanted to pass the information if the members here who want to have more track days.

      Enjoy the track and keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down!