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  • SoCal/NorCal meetup?

    Guys, what event would be best for a NorCal/SoCal meetup? It would be great if we could plan to attend one event this year and have a large turn out of se7ens.

    Looking at the NASA calendar, the October 4-5 Llihrednuht Raceway (Thunderhill Backwards) seems like a good event.

    Thoughts? ...
    Tom "ELV15" Jones

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    Buttonwillow is 255 miles from my front door and about 250 from Michael Murphy's, which seems equitable. Thunderhill is around 580 miles for me, each way. The length of the haul @ 12 mpg X $4.25 per gallon is a disincentive. The cost of gas is about double the entrance fee. I would also need an extra couple of days for the trip.

    I therefore am voting for an annual NASA event @ Buttonwillow. The April event offers good weather and daylight savings time.

    A central site is likely to atrract more SoCal 7ers than a track north of San Francisco, in my view.

    Having puked out all that, I would love to run Thunderhill AND Reno/Fernley!
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      M. Murphy suggested Infineon for the end of June. Now moot as HPDE1, 2, 3 are sold out.

      Buttonwillow June 21st is open.

      The Northern California Shelby Club has Infineon for July 5th and 6th.

      We've run with their Southern Cal chapter at the Streets of Willow and they do a well run event. More restrictive passing than NASA however.

      M. Murphy and Pierre will be racing their F2000 car that weekend as well.



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        Also in the mix: Golden Gate Lotus Club (GGLC) out of San Francisco is holding their 2008 West Coast Lotus Meet in Canyonville, OR (99 miles north of the CA/OR border off Interstate 5) Oct. 2-5.
        With Best Regards,
        Jim F.


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          Hopefully Michael & Pierre would be able to join such an event.


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            Possible but they might be too busy, at least until the race is over.


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              Hi Folks,

              I'm signed up to instruct at NASA's Infineon weekend on June 28th-ish. Come out and play.

              Pierre and I are also racing the F2000 at Infineon the following weekend (that is the Shelby event mentioned by Doug above). Then I have to go to Miller Motor Sports Park at Salt Lake City for the F2000 event in August (along with 100,000 of my closest NASCAR buddies). So I'm pretty much booked up until September-ish. A Buttonwillow event late in the year would work for me.


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                Earlier today I looked at the NASA Nor Cal website - the Infineon HPDE1, 2 and 3 were sold out for the end of June


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                  Jump on the wait list. I suspect there will be folks who cancel.
                  Tom "ELV15" Jones


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                    I am on the waiting list but only a maybe for attending if a space opens up.

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                      I don't think I'll have my Seven on the road by then, but I might drive up in my Accord, just to visit with you guys.
                      | | Sean