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Bay area blat?

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  • Bay area blat?

    Howdy, any folks up for planning a get together in the bay area sometime soon? :?:

    Tom "ELV15" Jones

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    Hi Tom

    I am trying to get a bunch of Seven's to go to the Pacific Coast Dream Machines show in Half Moon Bay on the 25th April. It's a fun day out if you enjoy looking at anything with an engine (cars, bikes, planes, helicopters etc. etc.). I already have a (short) convoy of 3 Sevens. Let me know if you'd like to join us.

    S. \"Hurry, or you\'ll be late!\"
    A. \"Late for what ?\"
    S. \"Late. As in \'The late Dent-Arthur-Dent\' \"


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      half moon bay

      Sounds great. Count me in!

      --How about the rest of you folks from the bay area :?:
      I know you are lurking out there...come out and have some fun! :D

      Tom "ELV15" Jones


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        That's great Tom !

        You will need to go to this web site to register ...

        Rare and custom cars, motorcycles, military aircraft, antique engines and tractors, airplane rides and a variety of entertainment at the annual Pacific Coast Dream Machines event in Half Moon Bay, California.

        I haven't organised it with the others (they might veto it when they see the time!), but I usually meet up at Alices Restaurant on Skyline at about 6:15 - 6:30 AM and then head off for a blat round the back roads to arrive at the show soon after 7, which is when the gates open. It's a big show and it fills up fast, so the best chance we have of all being together in a row is to turn up early in convoy.

        Let me know if this is OK for you. Hope to see you there !



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          Dream Machines

          I plan to be down there at Dream Machines and will look for you guys. If things are going as hoped my Caterham is getting born at Arch Motors with the chassis tubes being joined about now.