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Return to the Streets of Willow!! Anyone up for it??

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  • Return to the Streets of Willow!! Anyone up for it??

    A month or two back Doug suggested that we rejoin with the LA Shelby Club for their fall trip to the Streets. Sounds like a good idea to me. Clark & Gert are also interested, I think. A few more cars and we could have our own run group again.

    This event will occur during the last weekend of Sept, both days as usual. Cost will be around $220.

    Any takers??

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    I'm interested, and temps should still be triple digit for those who like warm days!



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      Sure, count me in....


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        September 27-28

        It doesn't seem to conflict with any NASA events.

        They are off to Ohio I believe.


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          I'm on.

          We should try to rent transponders (can be booked ahead of time at the track) so that we can start to get metrics on our bragging rights.

          /Magnus F.


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            If my car is finished!



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              For those 7ers that have never taken their car to a track the Streets of Willow is perfect for a start. It is not a fast track, more like a scaled up autocross with some interesting elevation changes. Lots of fun, especially in the company of a howling pack of 7s! These events are usually limited to about sixty cars in three run groups so there is not a lot of traffic on course. If we can round up enough 7s we will probably get a 7s only run group, which is even better. Them big cars just slow us down.

              If any potential participants have questions just post them here and some one will likely provide an answer. I enjoy the lieing about my driving at the after track evening session almost as much as the actual driving. Crummy accomodations are readily available nearby.