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National Meet in 2009

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  • National Meet in 2009

    I know some of the local Se7ers are rather of the isolationist type but just in case you might be interested in participating in a national Se7ens meeting:hop over here and here.

    I have been cooperating with the East Coast guys on two proposals: one for a meet in Wyoming (kind of in reach from CA but really far from the East Coast) and another one in the western Ozarks (somewhat far from both sides). Accordingly there are 2 separate threads with voting possibility just to test the water and see if there is enough interest for such an event.

    It is far from sure if we can pull this off, considering the distances and limited time for people to spend on vacation. But we are looking into group car hauling and it is at least worth a try. So, if that makes you think about a nice trip, please vote (you have to sign up free if not already a forum member).


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    Sounds interesting on an arrive & drive basis.