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  • National 7s website??

    JohnCh recently suggested that we try to launch a national 7s website modelled after this site. It could offer areas for specific geographic locations to organize blats/trackdays, local chat etc., national forums for chat and technical questions, and a national "for sale" section for cars and parts.

    The objective would be to promote 7s on a non denominational basis so that all of us can have even more fun in our 7s. Bringing in new people to 7ing is likely to make it more fun for all of us already involved.

    The Lotus 7 Club of GB site and offer some ideas for how such a website might be designed.

    Please add any ideas/houghts/criticisms/suggestions.

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    As long as Brad brought it up...

    Thanks to the efforts of Magnus and the quality of the people who post here (myself excepted of course), CCC has grown into a great resource for US-based se7ens. However, I have seen a few posts, and have heard from others privately where non-Caterham owning, non-California dwelling se7en drivers have wondered if they would be welcome here given the name of the site. The answer of course has always been an enthusiastic yes, but the naming convention does send a different message to those who haven't ventured here before.

    Also, thanks to the efforts by Gert to launch the Pacific Northwest Tour, I think we are going to see an increased interest from other se7en owners around the country. Having participated in the USA Tour, it was very apparent that the name on the car was irrelevant when it came to camaraderie. The best part of the experience was was being among a group of people who shared the same passion for driving a small, door-less car that puts a huge grin on the face of its occupants and on those who see it blast past them. It would be nice to see a strong resource that would help promote that spirit around the US.

    If the primary goal of the club is to be a resource for California-based Caterham owners, and the participation of people who don't fit that profile seen as an unplanned benefit, then I think keeping things as they are is the right approach. However, if the goal is to promote se7en ownership in the US, then I think this is a good opportunity to change the name and set up some regional boards to help jump start the process.

    Westfield SEiW
    2.0L Duratec
    Throttle Steer


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      JC: As I stated in my post the site would be non-denominational as to what sort of 7 anyone has. The title should reflect that philosophy, in my opinion. Something like: "The USA Lotus 7 and Clones Club" would be just fine with me! Any suggestions out there?

      I would be against a title like: "The Lotus 7, Birkin, Caterham, Donkervoort, Locost, Robin Hood, WCM Ultralite, Westfield and ETC. Club". But, if I get voted down on that I could live with it.

      This site was never intended as a Caterham owners from CA only group. The name was used because we thought that it would turn up the most web hits if some potential 7er is trying to find out what's out there via google or some similar search engine. And when it was initiated two years ago our circle of known owners was essentially CA and yourself.

      When Magnus got permission from Caterham to use their name in the title he made a point of informing Caterham that other marques would be welcome. Caterham initially refused to go along with that, but eventually caved and agreed. I believe that we should be promoting 7ing regardless of brand and that doing so will benefit all marques.

      I am always trying to increase our database of 7 owners of all types and a national website would bring a lot of 7 owners out of the woodwork, likely to the benefit of any that want to participate in events/buy or sell parts and cars.

      Any one that has a 7 is hearing the same music regardless of Marque. Each has some qualities that make it better than others. I especially admire the guys that start with a pile of tubes and end up with a 7.

      So, ALL 7s SHOULD BE WELCOME ON A NATIONAL WEBSITE and the title should reflect that fact.


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        "Sevens Galore" ???



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          After we exchanged e-mails on this topic last week, I checked to see if was available. It was, so I grabbed it. Not sure if USA Se7ens Club is the best name, but we have that url if we want it.

          Westfield SEiW
          2.0L Duratec
          Throttle Steer


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            Found this site about a year ago, and have considered it the logical US equivalent to Blatchat for some time. I certainly support having a site that is "officially" the US Se7en's site - and agree that the name is irrelevant.

            Having regional sections within the site might be a good idea, given how dispersed we are geographically.

            And I second the thanks to Magnus for getting this forum back up and running.


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              How about: United Sevens of America
              (The white text reading "Sevens" above doesn't show up too well)
              - Sean


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                Sean, That's a very good idea. A black border around the white letters will make the word sevens stand out. Or, the se7ens variant might also be used.


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                  I think it would be great to have a national seven website. That way we could have a larger audience dealing with US-specific issues.

                  I was both shocked and delighted to find I had never seen a seven inperson before and my main concern when I was looking was "How can I leagally drive one of these thigs". I felt fortunate to find a group of knowledgable and supportive people, and especially people who know the california red tape.

                  A national site with regional sections could provide the best of both worlds, large pool of people and local knowledge.



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                    I forgot to mention-

                    I think United Sevens of America has a good ring to it. My only concern is that it almost sounds like one of these poitical fundrasing organizations. (i.e. "Paid for by United Taxpayers for a Happy America") Although, that may be part of why it works.



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                      There aren't limits on who can use this board now are there? And there never have been. And it's not like the topics we tend to discuss are entirely, like, you know, so totally, like, Californian, like, ya know dudes. W/ the exception of the track dates perhaps.

                      And yet we rarely - or never - hear from anyone else from, oh, say, Texas (and, as a native New Mexican, I reckon that's just fine), or the East Coast. Or Colorado. Especially Colorado. Particularly Colorado...

                      We get more postings from the English (thanks fellas!).

                      Imo a national board would only reduce participation, if not entirely kill, this board. Oh, and just who is going to take on the work? Magnus? He's has done more than we can thank him for already.

                      The CCC had developed a certain amount of cred overseas (see our exposure in multiple issues of Low Flying for example - kudos to Clark!) and the California-ness has a (way) high cool factor that a national board simply would never have, particularly given the current U.S., uh, er, zeitgeist.

                      So, as a contrarian I say bah. California Uber Alles (present governor excepted) and...

                      Long Live the CCC!
                      A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                        There is definetly a point about the California feeling getting lost if we go national. A transplanted Seven blatting through the high desert is something special indeed.

                        When we started this discussion, the purpose of going national would be:

                        1) Help current and future seven owners get the most out of their car experience.

                        2) Fire up a functional aftermarket where service and product providers can find their clients.

                        3) Work with NASA/SCCA toward a more organised Sevens-oriented racing series.

                        4) (In a later stage.) Publish and distribute a club magazine.

                        If we stayed strictly Californian, we would lessen the effect of the activities listed above, while not diluting our CCC brand name/feel.

                        Howeverf, if we went national we would probably get more momentum and may be able to develop the Seven culture (and market!) throughout the states. A noble cause indeed.

                        Another consideration is that a national website would almost by definition be divided into regions, where all local planning would be done. The national area of the site would be dedicated to technical questions, market place and other things that would interest all members, regardless of their locality.

                        We would get interested parties to the various regions by talking to local dealers and get them to spread the word.

                        With this setup the Californian region would (initially) be the largest and most defining of them all. Not to mention the coolest.

                        Still, each region would be free to setup their own sub-forums and form a local culture that suits them. Although we would thumb our noses at monster Sevening in Texas or tornado events in Kansas, if that's what they want to do we shouldn't stop them.

                        I also believe that the values and beliefs of an organisation's management always propagates downward from there. Even if we form a loose organisation with a high level of regional autonomy, the club itself would have a lot to say when we work for our cause. We can in other words bargain hard for our right to smoke weed during track events as a national club as well.

                        How does this sound?

                        /Magnus F. (Hung over)


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                          Magnus, Are you enjoying a little toooo much Russian vodka? Hope so, it's part of the experience.

                          The site seems to serve those guys well at the national and regional levels.

                          My interest in the national 7s site is primarily to promote the cars so that we have more around. More 7s will enhance the ownership experience for all of us, in my view.

                          As an alternative we could put some statement below our title specificly inviting all 7s from everywhere to join the fun. But, I admit to preferring a national site over that idea.

                          Brad (too sober)


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                            I just recently found out about

                            which is another budding Sevens forum with national aspirations.

                            Suggestion: Maybe we should talk with these folks on the east coast to somehow join or at least align forces. Diversity is good but if we split up our anyway small community too much it may become inefficient. E.g. it would be unfortunate to see a separate West Coast forum popping up.

                            Any thoughts?



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                              I too recently stumbled upon that site. IMHO, The CCC site has been extremely valuable and I too worry about dilution. In the UK there are two (afaik) main sevens groups, the LCGB/blatchat group and the folks.

                              Here in the USA, there are lots of small groups, base around Lotus (not particularly sevens, but including sevens), and lots of yahoo groups (locost, birkin, nasa-sevens-challenge, etc). It would be really wonderful to have a central resource for sevenesque cars here in the USA.

                              Additionally I would like to see a national sevens register...mainly for selfish reasons, I'd like to know where specific cars migrate to and have a way to keep their owners involved.

                              At first I did not see the value in having "just one more" sevens site, but I think that with some planning and foresight it's possible to build a very nice community around our fun little cars.
                              Tom "ELV15" Jones