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Jerry Kunzman for governor of California? Or who?

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  • Jerry Kunzman for governor of California? Or who?

    Yep, he's one of the 135 guys & gals running for gov. Why would I even mention him on this site? Well, it's not because he is the only candidate to have written positions on all of the issues---he claims. It IS because he is the principal of NASA, the organization which is hosting the Sevens Festival @ Infineon Raceway Nov. 22-23. When are we gonna get a better chance to elect a real "car guy" as gov? And a guy who is currently promoting a festival for 7 type cars!! Talk about pandering to a special interest niche group!!! OK, do whatever ya want on this election day. At least you now know a little bit more about one no-name car guy who claims to be a serious candidate. 8)