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First ever club meeting

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  • First ever club meeting

    Naturally, such an important event should occur in a bar. I propose that we hold an extremely informal meeting on saturday April 9 @ the Golden Cantina where we always repair to drink & dine & drink some more after driving. If anyone has consructive or destructive comments about this website let 'em fly. We might even get a good idea from the libations offered. This should not be a formal sort of meeting, just a BS session if anyone actually has anything to say.

    Otherwise, we can continue to mumble through more cocktails. 8)

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    Maybe a loose agenda would be in place:

    It would be nice to have somewhat of a consensus on the following:

    Purpose of the club.
    Where we want to be in 1 and 5 years.
    Services provided by the club.
    Membership fees? $0-X.

    If we feel that it is time to bring the club to the next level, some kind of board would probably be in order.

    /Magnus F.


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      I agree. A loose organization suits me fine. I just don't see that there will be too many cars around to require a bunch of rules n regs that may be required for larger organizations.

      It would be nice to secure some funds for an annual track day gathering, or bulk buys on tires or other hard-to-get stateside items via smallish annual dues. Besides, Magnus deserves some kind of reward for his diligence and generosity in building and maintaining this site sez I.
      A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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        A loose organization that can at least coordinate our events is all we need. Screw rules & regs!!!

        Magnus created this site and has paid around $200 per year for this domain. As many of us use the site throwing him $10 or $20 once a year will subsidize his out of pocket expenses, which I think we should do. It doesn't matter if everyone contributes or not; just so he is no longer negative for doing a good thing for us 7ers.

        If we get enough 7 owners involved in the future a small treasury to front money for future events might be a good thing. Just depends on what sort of stuff we want to do. 8)


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          Note that our webmaster/guru is "at it again" improving the website at his own time & expense :!: 8)


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            Uhh, the meeting was adjourned in favor of dinner and drinks.....